Kitchen Cleaning

Service Details

  • Offerings
    • Inspection of the entire premise along with customer consultation
  • Process (Video)
    • Step 1 –Thoroughly cleaning of Kitchen Tops, Cabinets, Cupboards & Trolleys
    • Step 2 – Externally Wet Wiping Electric appliances
    • Step 3 –Mopping / Scrubbingof the floors
  • Visits
    • One time Service 
  • Duration - 3-4 hours per unit (depending of the Kitchen configuration)
  • Terms & Conditions
    • We do not guarantee removal of old stains / hard stains, however, we will try to remove it to the best of our ability without damaging the surface
    • Customers are requested to provide Ladder, Water and Electric connection
    • Inaccessible areas are not covered in the scope of work
    • Appliances such as Microwave and Refrigerators will be cleaned ONLY externally
    • Electrical Chimneys internal cleaning is not included in scope of work
  • Safety Precautions
List of Services
Building / Apartment Size / Unit
Type of Service
(Cash on Delivery)
After 5% discount through online payment
Hicare Genie

"We have two little kids, aged 5 and 7. Like all children, our kids, too, do not eat their food easily. We have to keep experimenting in the kitchen to give them something appealing to eat. Also, they keep creating a ruckus inside the kitchen and leave a mess. I get too tired to keep cleaning up the kitchen. So, I called the HiCare team. The household was not disturbed during their service. They did not need any supervision as well. The outcome was very satisfying. It has motivated me to come up with even more dishes for my children."-Madhurima Bhonsle, Pune

"I am an animal lover. I have two dogs and three cats in my house. They need to be looked after and have particular diets and meal schedules. It requires a lot of food. They eat in the kitchen. Naturally, this creates a huge mess. I try to clean up as wel-Akansha Pathak, Vadodara.

"I run a small catering service from my house. Things have been operating smoothly for the past few years. However, I couldn't keep my kitchen spotless. I was fed up. I decided to try the HiCare kitchen cleaning service once. I am so impressed with the se-Ram Bagrodia, Jaipur.

The size of the house and the number of people residing do not hinder our process. However, these factors may lead to a much higher accumulation of dirt, stains, and germs. This may lead to a more thorough cleaning process on our part.

The time taken for the complete cleaning process is about 3-4 hours. It may take longer in some circumstances, as stated above. The kitchen is ready to use instantly post the cleaning process.

Generally, our cleaning service is only provided for exteriors of display cabinets and loft. However, cleaning from inside is done if the customer empties both before the start of the service. The rest of the cupboards will be cleaned from the inside. Our cleaning expert will remove and restock all the items after cleaning the interior.
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