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Termites are able to cause significant damage to homes in India, learn the early signs they leave behind and how HiCare Pest Control can help.


Picture this:- You are sitting in your favourite wooden chair sipping on your favourite beverage when you suddenly notice a part of your chair looks destroyed….what could have caused the damage? Would you need pest control services for termites?

There’s a high probability that this is the work of tiny cellulose eating insects called termites.Termites have been on the face of the earth for millions of years. They date back to the prehistoric times when humans were not even evolved to be homosapiens.

Termites are really small creatures. They commonly range between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch long and have soft carcasses with straight antennae. The queen termite and king termite are comparatively larger, capable of reaching over one inch long, which is still a very small size.

Termites- The invisible silent destroyers:-

Their small size is their superpower because that makes their presence extremely difficult to notice. They eat the furnishings and the foundation of the house, causing significant damage.

It’s likely that you won’t even notice the existence of the “invisible” crawlies under your roofs until the damage they’ve caused is too extensive to fix. They silently damage your property without you noticing. As a result, it’s important to keep an eye out for indicators of infestation or termite-friendly environments that could invite their presence into your humble abode.

This mindful watchout would assist in detecting their presence and, as a result, taking the necessary procedures to eliminate them- for instance,checking out options for pest control near me for termites or concluding the best anti- termite treatment near me after reading more about the available companies that promise reliable pest control services for termites.

The early signs of Termite Infestation:-

You can be sure of having a termite infestation in your home if you are able to notice one or many of the following signs of infestation.

  • A hollow noise is produced when tapping a heavy object on wood.
  • Termite wings are found sometimes as they shed them for mating
  • Walls are damaged with a bubble-like appearance
  • Little entry holes in the plastered drywalls
  • Scraping ceilings and walls
  • The visible signs of water damage
  • Wooden structures with maze-like designs
  • Foundations featuring mud-tubes
  • Little speckles of faeces that look like dirt
  • Seeing termite swarms in the house
  • Peeling paint from wooden structures and walls

If you see one or more of these signals, it’s time you look out for the best ‘anti-termite treatment near me’ or simply trust HiCare to take care of your termite problem.

HiCare- India’s trusted pest control services for termites:-

HiCare, being one of India’s most dependable and long-standing pest management companies, decided to innovate and improve the pest control near me for termites India industry by researching termite life cycles, behaviours, and developing a remarkable comprehensive three-step approach that is successful against the unseen pests.

  • Drill- Small holes are drilled at the skirting level of the walls to reach into the breeding colonies of the termites.
  • Fill – Termin 8 solution specifically made to eradicate termites is filled into these holes.
  • Seal – The holes are then filled with white cement to prevent re-entry of the termite colonies into your spaces.

From the first step of inspection to execution, thorough treatment for successful termite control is done with well-researched service techniques.

Our experts that perform pest control services for termites do a thorough examination of your premises to provide comprehensive and long-term solutions.

This means you can get rid of all those termite treatment near me Do-It-Yourself items that didn’t work and rely on our comprehensive termite control service instead.

Termite Control Service is just a booking away!:-

All you have to do now is book and schedule a pest control near me for termites service with HiCare. You can do it in a variety of ways. Choose your way of booking as per your convenience.

  • You can reach us at 8828333888, speak with one of our professional representatives, and schedule your service.
  • You can go to this link, enter your pin code, choose your options, and book it.
  • You can request a callback by filling out the form below. Our representatives will contact you and make the necessary arrangements.
  • Signs of Termite Infestation? | HiCare Pest Control

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