Fridge Cleaning

Service Details

  • Offerings
    • Inspection of the entire premise along with customer consultation
  • Process: External Cleaning
    • Dry dusting external sides
    • Wiping of exterior surfaces
  • Process: Internal Cleaning
    • Cleaning of Shelves and Trays
  • Visits
    • One time Service
  • Duration - 2-3 hours per unit (depending of the Refrigerator configuration)
  • Terms & Conditions
    • Make an alternate arrangement for food storage during service
    • Do defrost the freezer prior to cleaning, shall help us deep clean it better
    • Customers are requested to provide Water Supply
    • Request you to provide Ladder / Stool if the refrigerator height is beyond 6 feet
    • 30 minutes are required before customers re-stack and use the fridge post cleaning
  • Safety Precautions

List of Services
Building / Apartment Size / Unit
Type of Service
(Cash on Delivery)
After 5% discount through online payment
Hicare Genie

My wife and I are both working professionals, and we get so little time for cleaning the household items or electrical. We were alarmed when there was an awful smell coming from the fridge over a week. I was petrified and needed expert help; hence I booked an online fridge cleaning service. Your technicians are deft in their work, and I did not need to get involved at all. We highly recommend your service.-Kevin, Mumbai.

I live in a joint family of more than ten people, which itself suffices the constant use of the fridge. With varieties of food in the refrigerator at all times, cleaning is necessary once in a while. I rely entirely on HiCare for their experience and proficiency of the technicians. I am a loyal client. Keep up the excellent work!-Alka Patel, Ahmedabad.

We have three dogs and a cat in our house, which is exciting but cleaning, is a grave issue for us. With hairs all over the place, the fridge is no exception. Hence, we called for the HiCare Fridge Cleaning service. Their service is exceptional and very thorough. They cleaned the interiors and exteriors properly. Our fridge is as good as new. Thank you!-Kavya Rastogi, New Delhi.

Cleaning the fridge regularly eliminates the chances of any bad odor or germs in the house. Also, it maintains better hygiene levels of the house members.

The HiCare team cleaning time depends on the size of the fridge and doors. Single door fridge requires up to 2 hours, and the double door fridge requires approximately 3-3.5 hours. Service duration also depends on other variables like the amount of dirt, number of units, etc.

At Hicare, we use only neutral and safe chemicals. They are supplied from the renowned global brand (Diversey), and they are kids/pets safe. They drastically reduce the chances of contamination.

The clients who book the service need to do some chores to assist in the smooth working of our clients. They need to ensure uninterrupted water supply, defrost the freezer, remove all the items from the fridge and provide a ladder or stool for cleaning units taller than 6 feet.
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