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HiCare is a leading pest control & hygiene management company that is now digitized & present to provide ease to customers for booking pest control online.

Pest Droppings, Pungent odour, Evidence of Nesting, Damaged Plants, Grease marks, Physical Damage to Furnishings, Swollen walls and Damage to Fabrics – All these signifiers point to one single direction- the presence of menace causing pests that have a detrimental effect on human life.

When we talk about the harmful effects of pests on human life, we emphasize the pest-borne diseases that are transmitted by the crawling creatures that invade your homes and commercial spaces.

Some of these diseases along with their carriers are:-

  • Mosquitoes: Dengue, Malaria, Yellow Fever
  • Cockroaches: Asthma, Food poisoning, Typhoid
  • Rats- Plague, Salmonella, Hantavirus
  • Termites – Allergic Reactions

The pest problems have been prevalent since forever and there have been multiple attempts to eradicate this issue. If you end up researching pest control online, will conclude that a lot of different pest control methods have been studied, developed and employed over the years to reduce the degradation of the quality of life caused by the presence of pests.

There are broadly two ways in which pest control can be done:-

  • Biological Pest Control
  • Chemical Pest Control

What is Biological Pest Control??

Biological pest control refers to the practice of using living organisms to control pests. A natural enemy such as a parasite, predator, or disease organism is introduced into the environment of a pest thereby reducing the number of pest organisms in the space.

What is Chemical Pest Control??

Pest control chemicals are a component of pest management systems, which incorporate new substances that are designed to be highly effective against the pests, to be used at reduced rates, to be selective in their activity, and to have zero to little adverse environmental effects.

What’s the Brief History of Chemical Pest Control??

Chemical Pest Control is a widely popular method used since the beginning of civilisation. It is a known fact that Sumerians used to use Sulfur as a repellent to keep away insects in their time. As time progressed, the substances used for chemical pest control evolved.

More progress was made in the realm of chemical pest control during the industrial revolution. As a result of population density increasing in urban areas, people not having enough time to meticulously take care of the homes and commercial buildings, and lack of knowledge on the pests, the pest population in the world increased. And so did the need to come up with more effective and less time-consuming methods. Hence, more efforts were taken to study and understand pests and pest control chemicals that could be used.

Why should you rely on Chemical Pest Control??

The chemicals that have been used for the past decades, although are meant to eradicate pests, do have the potential to cause harm to humans and their pets. More and more research is being pursued to make them less harmful to human health and the environment. Chemical Pest Control methods and chemicals have been improving to become more effective and speedy.

HiCare’s Chemical Pest Control – Your one-stop shop for pest control solutions.?

HiCare is a leading pest control and hygiene management company that is now digitized and present to provide ease to customers for booking pest control online. The company was established two decades ago and has ever since, thrived to create a change in the pest control domain by putting years into researching pest behaviours and coming up with the best pest control techniques to deliver pest-free homes and commercial properties.

The chemicals that Hicare experts use are grade A and approved by the Central Insecticides Board (CIB), and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). They are eco-friendly and will have no adverse effects on your children, old aged people, pets and yourself.

What are you waiting for? Just place a call on 8828333888 or head over to our booking page to avail of our exemplary pest control services that include ant control, termite control, mosquito control, rat control and cockroach control services.

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Importance of Chemical Pest Control and Methods -HiCare

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