How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen

how to speed clean your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a house. Who doesn’t like to spend time in the kitchen with their families and friends? It’s almost like a gathering space, with food and beverages available as you indulge in the lighter discussion. Of course, a kitchen is primarily a location where you cook and maybe have a snack or meal, so it’s no surprise that things can become very dirty from time to time, if not on a regular basis!

The issue with kitchens is that practically everything is utilized on a daily basis. Things are pushed out of position, from saucepans to appliances and supplies; oil makes its way; food spills are almost unavoidable; and before you know it, you’ve got a messy, untidy kitchen that needs cleaning!

It’s only reasonable to want to get a space that needs constant tidying and cleaning done as soon as possible. You’ve come to the correct spot because we’re going to provide the greatest techniques for cleaning your kitchen quickly and effectively.

5 Best Steps of Kitchen Cleaning

  1. Begin by taking everything off your countertops. If the objects you’re getting rid of don’t belong in the kitchen, put them in a basket to be thrown away later. After your countertops have dried, replace the items that were previously on them.
  2. Whether you have a machine or wash them by hand, you should wash the dishes because it’s tough to clean when your sink is full with dirty dishes. Allowing your dishes to soak for as long as possible before washing them is a great technique for cleaning them fast and efficiently.
  3. Dirty fingers or greasiness might end up on the exteriors of multiple parts in your kitchen, kitchen appliances to cabinet doors and knobs.  For washing the exteriors of cabinets and appliances, a clean microfiber towel and all-purpose cleaner are usually sufficient; however, for glass surfaces, a natural cleaning solution of water and white vinegar will suffice. Whatever the surface, simply moisten the cloth with your preferred cleaner and wipe the exteriors in gentle, circular strokes. Spray the cleanser directly over the surface of door handles/knobs and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
  4. Take out the garbage. If the trash can is full, or if it is trash day tomorrow, take it outside and reline the garbage can so that it is ready for pickup.
  5. The final step in completing your kitchen cleaning is to mop! Many people now prefer to forget cleaning the kitchen floor unless they have a lot of time on their hands. However, it is very much important to keep the floor clean as much as the countertop.

5 Best Chemicals to Clean Your Kitchen

Some of the kitchen cleaning services products that are available to consumers are oftentimes laden with chemicals that are harmful to your health. Here are some of the most common cleaner chemicals that are known to have a negative impact:

  1. Formaldehyde
  2. Ammonia
  3. Sodium Sulfate
  4. D-Limonene
  5. Sodium Hypochlorite

Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Different Times

To ensure that your kitchen remains clean, it is important to clean it regularly on a daily, monthly, and sessional basis. Here you have full information on it:

Tasks You should Do Each Day

  • After washing utensils, clean the sink.
  • Scraping the stovetop
  • Wiping the countertops
  • Clean the floor.

Things You Should Do At Least Once a Week

  • Cleaning cabinets, backsplashes, and other appliances
  • Cleaning the dish rack
  • Cleaning the trash can

Things You Should Do Every Season

  • Clean the inside of your refrigerator.
  • Wipe off your utensil compartments.
  • Clean the outsides of the cabinets.
  • Clean the stove-hood filters.

HiCare: Best Kitchen Cleaning Service Provider

While most people have 10 minutes to spare in the morning, you may be so rushed for a schedule that you put kitchen cleaning on hold. If having time to deep-clean your kitchen is even more out of the question, HiCare’s kitchen cleaning services can be of assistance. We’ll free up your time so you can do more of the things you like without feeling terrible about ignoring your duties.

When you choose professional kitchen deep cleaning services or a kitchen cleaning service, you not only save time but also minimize the allergens that are properly cleansed. With its comprehensive cleaning, kitchens reduce the bacterial and virus burden on their surfaces. It is not only a good decision for hygiene, but also for your family and health.

HiCare is a leading hygiene and pest control company in India. Having served over 1 million homes, we undertake our tasks meticulously. With festivities just around the corner, we know the rush and the sway at which we all live. HiCare helps you clean your kitchen at a great value of price with utmost satisfactory results. Not only do we undertake kitchen deep cleaning but we also do bathroom cleaning, sofa cleaning, chair & carpet cleaning, fridge cleaning, car cleaning and full home cleaning services.

Our chemicals are safe and approved by CIB. In addition, they are odorless too.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1: Thoroughly cleaning of Kitchen Tops, Cabinets, Cupboards & Trolleys
  • Step 2: Externally Wet Wiping Electric appliances
  • Step 3: Mopping / Scrubbing the floors

You can trust us just like the other 1 million Indian families have. To know more about us, visit our HiCare website and book with us.

How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen

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