air bacteria

Where does indoor air bacteria come from?

Researchers from University of California, Berkeley, set out to find the main sources for air bacteria in our homes.

They analysed 29 homes in the San Francisco Bay area by taking samples from places such as kitchen surfaces, carpets and toilets. As a result, they came up with these sources.

The sources or indoor bacteria were:

air bacteria

Floors and carpets holds a top position on the list. The reason is due to walking on a carpet or vacuuming stirs up a great amount of air bacteria and releases it into the surrounding air.

One thing that surprised the researchers was that tap water is such a main source for bacteria. They are not sure how germs from our drinking water is released into the air to such a high extent.

The researchers had originally wondered whether flushing a toilet could contribute to spreading bacteria from faeces into the air. But (luckily) they found that this source tracked only 0.04 per cent of microbes.

The study also reveals with frequent ventilation, the number of bacteria increased significantly in homes.

Top tip:  You have a good chance of stopping some of the germs from getting inside and being released into your indoor air, if you remove your shoes before you enter your home.

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