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how to protect yourself from mosquito in spring

In this blog, we discuss How to protect yourself and family from mosquito’s in spring. Learn more about how to deal with the mosquito’s in spring.

Having fun outdoors without these mosquitoes attacking you can be a bit of a task. Mosquitoes can turn out to be deadly insects due to their disease causing bites. Mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, zika virus, chikungunya etc. are pretty common. When you are infected with dengue or malaria, things get pretty serious before there is some relief from the medicines. Most of the time, people are hospitalised when they suffer from these.

There are no vaccines or prophylactic drugs for avoiding dengue, malaria, Chikungunya etc. In such cases, it becomes essential to either avoid mosquitoes all together or avoid getting mosquito bites. The latter seems pretty difficult. Mosquitoes are present throughout the day but especially during the night. In addition to being one of the most irritating insects in the world, a female mosquito can lay around 100 to 300 eggs at once. This means that a different family will be breeding in the house that you’ll be living in. Not only us, but if they bite, our pets also become victims of vector-borne diseases. Mosquitoes carry heartworm disease which can be harmful to both dogs and cats.

Here’s how to deal with the mosquitos in spring –

1. Get mosquito pest control

This is the simplest and the easiest way to get rid of these pests. No bites, no rashes! Signing a yearly contract with a reputed mosquito pest control company like HiCare can help keep mosquitoes at bay. Our technicians will reach out to the hard to reach the corner and spray the chemicals. Home remedies are surely available across the internet but they work up to a certain extent. Effective pest control helps get rid of them, altogether at once.

2. Throw your litter

Mosquitos in spring breed on the garbage. They sit on peels, uneaten food that is thrown away and wet waste. Keeping wet waste open gives them an invitation to infest your space. So throwing your litter as soon as the bin is filled, can help you reduce mosquito numbers by tons.

3. Dump your water

When mosquitoes breed on water bodies they carry diseases. Make a habit to check running tap water, and cover your pool with a net. If you wash your car then dry it properly, check your pet bowls and flowerpots. Avoid accumulating water and even if you are, make sure to cover it properly or keep changing it at regular intervals.

4. Throw old tires

Remove any old car tires from your property. Tires are known to attract mosquitos. Drill a hole in them so that all the water from them gets drained out. Even if you have a swing made out of an old tire in your verandah and you water plants or have sprinklers, either cover your tires or keep it at a distance.

5. Trim your trees

Mosquitoes breed on overgrown bushes, grasses, weeds and trees. Keeping your lawn neat and tidy can keep mosquitoes out. Whenever you go out in your backyard or garden, cover your feet with socks and wear full- sleeves clothes for extra protection.

The bottom line is that the absence of mosquitoes will create a much more affirmative ambience around the house. Out of all the mentioned tips, mosquito pest control is the best one as it is the one-stop solution to all your mosquito troubles. There are experts who come and serve you at your doorstep to help you combat them.

At HiCare, we have a legacy of 28 years and are functional in around 27 cities. We give you a complete mosquito-free zone with our 3X mosquito control i.e. smart air, smart walls and smart water. This means that you get a wall dispenser, mosquito spray treatment and an anti-larval treatment, all in one service! Book your appointment on HiCare or call us on 8828333888 for quick bookings.

How to protect yourself from mosquito in spring | HiCare

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