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Termites are small pests with a big appetite. They are considered to be one of the most devastating pests in the world. They are insects that usually feed on dead plant matter like woodchip, decayed wood (logs), leaf litter and soil. Often referred to as ‘white ants’, these crawlies are distantly related to them.

If you ever find small piles of wood dust accumulated under your sofa, it is surely a termite infestation. They are so minuscule in size that they are hard to detect. They feed on the furniture and foundation of the house and cause some major damages. Checking up on them and getting pest control for termites can help you in the long run.


Every home is at some risk – Homeowner insurance does not cover termite damages. Plus the cost to repair any damage which is caused by these termites is to be borne by the homeowner.

Your house may already be infested by termites– They are minuscule creatures that are hard to spot. They can be living and feeding on your property for months without you noticing it. By the time you spot it, the damage would’ve been done.


  • Mud tubes on the floors or walls
  • Paint that is bubbling and/or cracked
  • Wood surfaces that are either sunken or cratered
  • Wings or bodies of termites
  • Since termites are cold-blooded creatures they can’t regulate their body temperature. They usually gather together in the holes and emerge for food when there is a warm temperature. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t infest during winter or spring. If they find a warm spot, they continue to mate, feed and grow their colony throughout.


    1. Get termite pest control- Pest control for termites is the best option to stop them from feeding and breeding. Knowing that your premise is protected from any termites, you can peacefully live at your home or go to your office. It gives you peace of mind against any termite attacks. Getting a termite pest control can help on a professional level since these pests live in thousands of numbers and it gets difficult to get rid of them alone.
    2. Get rid of moisture- It is one of the main reasons that attracts these kinds of pests. Getting rid of excess moisture can help in keeping them at bay. In summers, you can switch on the air conditioner during the day to maintain a cool temperature. If you live in a humid environment, consider getting a dehumidifier. This can help them from breeding or feeding further.
    3. Fix any leaks- Decayed roofs and moisture laden walls are a welcome door for termites. Fix and seal those leakages even around the dingy corners of the house. Usually such spots are overlooked and are the first ones to attract these pests. A leakage in the basement is an example. Since it is closer to the ground, it is easier for the termites to attack the spot.
    4. Maintain a distance between soil and wood- If you have a garden, make sure that there is distance between soil and the wood. An 18 inch difference should work fine. This will protect your home from termites. You can also use stone or cement to separate the wooden area in your patios too.

    In a megacity like Mumbai, getting a termite treatment Mumbai is a must. The termite pest control would reduce the health risks and increase the peace of mind. Pest control for termites is necessary to tackle these troublesome pests that cause serious damage to your home and workspace. They are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Getting a termite treatment in Mumbai is the best way to remove termites from your property and safeguard your family.


    We provide a warranty-backed service with an inspection of the entire premise along with customer consultation. Our process comprises 3 steps-

  • Drill: We drill holes of 1.2cm in the walls at the skirting level-1-foot distance
  • Fill: TERMIN-8 solution is filled in these holes that control them
  • Seal: We then seal the holes with white cement
  • We also work with chemicals that are safe for children, elders and pets. We take pride in being a digital and responsible hygiene company with 28 years of legacy. To book with us, you can call on 8828333888 or visit for more information.

    Top things to Keep Termite Infestation Out Of the home | HiCare

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