Home Buyers & Owners Beware “Your home can have hidden Termite & Bed Bug infestation”

Know the important warning signs of termite infestation to look out for before renting or purchasing a home. Here are a few tips for homebuyers at HiCare.

As forests disappear, termites are entering our homes to eat wood & paper including currency notes and valuable documents kept in a safe or locker! You will never know where they are coming from and when. Know the warning signs of termite infestation before buying a house, wooden furniture, and books.

Say, you strike a good deal on buying a house or renting a house. Termites might be present in the building materials. High moisture levels in the house also attract them.

Without an expert pre-inspection and termite control, you run the risk of having these termites silently eat into your new house structure, wooden furniture, wooden flooring, shelves and even your books and valuable documents kept in the safe or locker!

Old and new homes are hiding zones for termites due to absolutely zero or poor pre or post-construction termite control by the builder or even the society. Also, long-term water seepage or dampness is seen on the walls of homes attracts termites eventually.

Remember before you move into your new home it is important to get it painted. Also, you must invest in a Preventive Termite Control Treatment from an expert.

Hire a professional well-trained and certified pest control service provider for the best preventive termite treatment. Opt for HiCare TERMIN-8 the most advanced Anti Termite Treatment which helps to kill the termites completely while preventing their comeback in the future.

Non-furnished house or a fully furnished new rent house might seem like a dream come true but beware before signing the lease contract with your landlord. The furniture, sofa, couches, and beds are highly likely to be infested with Bed Bugs due to poor hygiene and if the previous tenants have not been doing regular pest control then chances of cockroach infestation are very high.

You spent months searching for flats for rent or flats for sale, and finalizing and buying a house, now before you shift in don’t forget to get a Preventive Cockroach pest control treatment and if you are scheduling a house painting before moving in then it’s the best time to get Preventive Anti-Termite Treatment done too.

This will not only save your finances but also ensure peace of mind in the coming months.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control Service before buying a house

Whether you’re buying a property or hunting for a rental property, just be sure to call a professional for a pre-purchase inspection. They identify the pest prone areas and existing pest damage zones before exchanging the contracts.

With these professional pest services, you will save time, money, and your new home from severe infestation.

Did you know?

Newer homes have equal chances of termite infestation as old homes.

Termites damage your home structure, furniture, books.

Termites can cause structural damage to homes made of wood and other materials too.

Termite damage goes unnoticed until the infestation is full-blown. Also then there is no recourse to make up the loss of property or furniture.

Your home insurance and even your new furniture warranty do not cover damages done by termites.

Move into your new home with confidence. After all, a pest-free home is a healthy home!

Home Buyers & Owners Beware “Your home can have hidden Termite & Bed Bug infestation”

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