Signs of Termites in the House?

Termites are a huge problem. And they won't possibly come in front of you in the open as they love dark and humid places where they usually love to hide. This is the reason it becomes difficult to spot signs of termites easily. And it's already too late till you actually find them spoiling your property, walls and furniture and think of termite control. Don't you agree?

Termites that nest in your home for years ultimately cost you a lot! Hence, protecting your home before any signs of termites arise and choosing termites control is the best way to save money and also keep your family safe.

Always be on top when it comes to protect your house from termites and give it a proper termite treatment. Both, Homes made of wood and the ones made from other materials are infested and invite a termite threat. This is because these tiny termites are capable of passing through metals sliding, plasters on walls and a lot more types of materials. Floors, cabinets, wooden furniture and ceilings are also few of the things they love to feed on within these homes!

Wondering what the signs of termites infestation in the house are? Worry not! As here are a few most common signs that a proof of termite infestation in your home. Know it to prevent it! Because termite prevention is the best termite protection!

Here are a few signs that your house is being fed over by termites :

Termite Mud :

Termites build mud tunnels or tubes for moisture while they search for food and in turn store and protect the food sources and food they have collected such as wood chips, firewood, mud etc. This mudding is usually behind the furniture, underground or within the bricks of your home. You might notice these mud-like thing lining the galleries or walls of your house in an irregular pattern.

Hollow sounding wood :

Termites love to spend their time in dark, humid environments. Hence, they do not feed on the wood surface but actually enter the interior of the wooden surface. So, if at some point of time you notice any wooden surface smooth and light, there might be signs of termites inflicting damage to the same. If you tab or knock on that wood and it sounds hollow, it may be because of the inside parts of the wood being eaten away by termites.

Crack on wood surfaces or doors :

Termites eat away the plaster or wood surfaces, causing cracks on the doors and walls. Make sure you always monitor any such cracks and seal them immediately. Roof sides, windows, vents and doors are the most common places these termites attack.

Discarded wings :

Another easy indication of these nasty creatures is the presence of wings, discarded by reproductive termites called swarmers as a normal part of their behaviour. This is usually found near emergence sites, on window sills or also sometimes in cobwebs. They typically swarm in the spring. So if you spot those discarded wings, be warned!

Frass :

Frass, another word for termite droppings which are usually wood coloured as they eat their way through the infested wood is what you might notice. So, if you notice such droppings on the floor, then it sure could be a sign of termite infestation. Ensure you keep all the floor space, window panes etc. free of debris to prevent feeding those termites.


Unfortunately, even if you don't notice any such sign, it doesn't mean they are not there. And if you find any evidence and you are sure it's the work of those Termites, leave it alone and call the HiCare Termite Control Professionals!

NEVER try to kill them yourself with any bug spray. As, you may just kill a few hundred termites you see, but there could be a million more in the nest waiting to infest what you love the most at your Home!

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Get a termite control treatment done in your home every couple of months to ensure your home is free of any such termite infestation. Hicare offers one of the best termite management services for homes and commercial premises.

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