Does Pest Control Through Pesticides Have Side Effects On Us?

Check out what are the side effects of pesticides on humans health and how these pesticides can enter your body through at Hicare.

The thought of the probable side effects of pesticides on humans has stopped many houses from opting for pest control. However, it increases the problem more than it resolves.  The first sign of unwanted pests, insects, and rodents strolling in your rooms, should ring a loud warning bell in your mind as they take no time to multiply from ten to a hundred. This shows the importance of pest-proofing your house through pesticides. Why pesticides? Let’s get into it.     

Why Do We Use Pesticides? 

Disinfection, Fumigation, Sterilization, Cultural Control, and Pesticides are a few of the many methods of pest control. More than any other type, pesticides are used more commonly around the country today. According to a study, when the unwanted pests leave lasting damage to the surrounding area, it becomes essential to use a pesticide for controlling them.  The credit for this goes to their ease of accessibility and usage. Sprays of pesticides are readily available in many stores, and it just takes a press on the nozzle to get it working. 

Listed below are the types of pests that can be controlled by pesticides.


  • Rodents
  • Algae 
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Moulds, mildew, and rust
  • Unwanted plants like weeds
  • Insects 

Chemicals are combined in adequate proportions to create pesticides effective for different pests. Herbicides control the growth of weeds and other unwanted plants while insecticides attack the insects in your house. For controlling the mould and mildew in your rooms, fungicide type of pesticide is used, and on the other hand, rodents are controlled by rodenticides.    Commonly, these types of pesticides are available in your local hardware store or supermarket. People use them in their gardens or house for effective pest control. Despite their ready availability, you need to ensure certain precautions while using these chemicals to avoid the side effects. 

Side Effects of Pesticides on Humans 

While the pests are infamous for causing vector-borne diseases, microbial contamination, and allergies, many people also complain of skin irritation due to pesticides. Depending on the biological conditions of a man, woman, or a child’s body, the side effects of pesticides on humans varies by a slight proportion. 

These pesticides can enter your body through: 

  • Ingestion: Touching and using a pesticide; if you eat, drink, or smoke immediately, after consuming a food item exposed to pesticides; or after accidentally swallowing it. 
  • Contact: Coming in contact with clothes soaked in pesticide or direct skin contact with surfaces treated with pesticides. 
  • Inhalation: Inhaling the spray, dust, or vapours of pesticides.
  • Touch: Touching or rubbing your eyes after handling the pesticides. 

Generally, exposure plays a pivotal role in deciding the effect of pesticides on human health, along with the toxicity of pesticides. Exposing yourself frequently to a low-risk pesticide is equally dangerous as low exposure in a high-risk environment.  Depending on the biological differences, the probable effect of pesticides on human health is listed below. 

  • Women: Expecting mothers should stay the farthest from pesticides. One study revealed the increase in the rate of bladder cancer in women highly exposed to pesticides. Occupational hazards for women also include respiratory problems, hormones issues, and nervous system concerns. Taking the right precautions while handling pesticides is important to prevent these problems. 
  • Men: People with asthma or allergies could fall sick faster than relatively healthier humans. If the directions are not properly followed, men could get ill due to overexposure. By not taking the right precautions, men could risk getting skin diseases and respiratory infections. 
  • Children: A child is more likely to come in hand-to-mouth contact with the pesticide by touching the affected area and bringing the hand closer to the mouth. This increases the risk of ingestion. A research concluded that the ill effects of pesticides are higher on kids than adults as their bodies have low potential to excrete it as a waste. Due to exposure, children could experience acute toxic effects on their gastrointestinal, respiratory, endocrine, and nervous systems.

The Bottom Line

Getting a pest control service in India is not tough, it works on the pests in your home and guarantees a safer environment. Hicare employees are certified experts who carefully provide pest control services and inform you about the precautionary methods.  For employing a hassle-free method of pest control, reach Hicare on the toll-free number- 080-46809272. Hicare is a reputed pest control company and will provide you with efficient consultation regarding the most effective methods for eliminating the pests in your house. With Hicare, you can get the job done in a better and safer way!

Does Pest Control Through Pesticides Have Side Effects On Us?

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