5 Smart Things to Spark up your Home this Diwali.

Start by getting rid of old stuff in the house. Better still, donate them. Newspaper and magazines. Clothes you won’t be wearing.

Let the festival of light banish the darkness and dullness that has crept into our lives.


Start by getting rid of old stuff in the house. Better still, donate them. Newspaper and magazines. Clothes you won’t be wearing. Toys that kids have outgrown. Utensil you aren’t going to use for the next 5 years. This makes your house more Vastu positive and also makes room for new energy and new things. Not to mention, gives you a cathartic experience too.


Just changing the upholstery and adding bright and happy colours goes a great length to improve your mood and your home’s energy.


Nothing gives your home a better facelift than a fresh coat of paint. Thanks to many companies offering a Covid-safe painting experience, this should be on the top of your list.

Just a note of caution though.

Since you will be investing quite a few thousand in painting your home, we recommend you also get a professional termite treatment done BEFORE the painting commences, for these simple reasons.

a) Prevention is better than cure: Why wait for termites to attack when you can do a pre-emptive strike and stop them before-hand?

b) Painters will generally convince you that adding a couple of litre of termiticides (termite killing liquid) is enough. Trust us, it is not true. Spot treatment to prevent termites or to get rid of existing ones doesn’t work as their nest is in the soil or in some damp space of your building. They just move around in mud tubes around your house to eat wood, carpet and paper. So applying termiticide on visible spots is not enough to stop termites.

c) If termites attack after painting, the paint will peel off and you will have to once again spend thousands to scrape off the paint and do a termite treatment. It’s like installing a shiny tooth cap on a decaying tooth  the shiny part will hide the inner damage, which is growing non-stop. You end up paying a lot on the rework.

d) Professional termite treatment involves drilling holes in the wall. Do you want your freshly painted home to go through this?

e) Termite treatment before painting is more effective as the termiticide is better absorbed and the paints add another layer of protection. 


Since most of us are cooped within our homes and getting less sunlight, it affects our mood. Just by adding/changing a few lights to yellow lighting in a couple of places will help make a difference to your mood and energy levels. Adding a few diyas, if possible with ghee as fuel during the Diwali days is also a good way to raise the sattvic tattva of your home.


This Diwali is a good time to invest in a few plants that are good in raising the oxygen levels in the house and also remove pollution. The recommended plants are Areca Palm, Snake Plant, Money Plant and Gerbera Daisy. A simple trip to a plant nursery for these could prove to be a good Diwali Investment!

We hope these smart tips will help brighten and raise the happiness quotient of your home this Diwali. If you need more details on how to do termite protection of your home BEFORE painting, backed by a one-year warranty, visit www.hicare.in/pest-termite or call our experts at 8828 333 888. And yes, it will be done by our Hygiene Expert with 3-level Covid-kavach  Aarogya app, Temperature check and daily Silver Nano Disinfection.

Happy Diwali!

5 Smart Things to Spark up your Home this Diwali.

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