Do Termites Make Noise in the Walls?

Do Termites Make Noise in Walls: Info on Termite Sounds | HiCare

Out of the variety of pests we see around us, do you know which one is the busiest and most noisy of them all? The answer is termite. These social insects that prefer living in colonies make sounds to communicate with each other.

You can be at peace and get rid of these annoying termite sounds with the help of termite treatment. But the strange thing is that many people don’t really recognize that the sound they hear, especially during the night, is made by termites.

So, if you are sure that you need termite control at home, wouldn’t it be a nice thought to recognize that the sound that disturbs you is produced by termites? In this post, we aim to throw light on whether the termites make noise in the walls or not.

During our discussion, we will also acquaint you with the best termite treatment for home. So, do not go anywhere, stay tuned and learn all about termites and what kind of noise they produce.

Do Termites Make Noise in the Wall?

It might sound strange, but yes, termites do make noise and sometimes the most disturbing sound. It is another thing that their sound can hardly be heard during the daytime. The most common sound produced by termites is head banging on the wall when they sense danger or get disturbed by someone.

What Sound Does Termites Make?

Termites make different types of sounds during their daily routine. Sometimes, the sound they produce is like someone banging its head on a surface. They produce such a noise to communicate with other termites. The other type of sound produced by termites is the sound of chewing, which is not as loud as the head-banging sound. Apart from these, termites make noises like tapping, clicking, swarming, and buzzing.

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When Do Termites Make Noise?

Now that you know that termites make noise and what kind of noise they make, it is time to learn when these pests make noise. Termites are workaholics who work day and night. Although they make noise all the time, their sound can be heard during the night when the surroundings are silent.

Book a Termite Treatment

Ensure complete termite protection by booking a termite treatment from an experienced pest control company near me. Only a professional can save your home and wooden structures from termite damage through a termite treatment. Such treatment will not only prevent further termite damage in your home but will also ensure the overall safety of your family from termite infections as well.

4 Professional Way of Dealing with Termite at Home

There are not single but multiple ways of dealing with and removing termites from home. The top termite control methods used by professionals are listed below:

  1. Fumigation Treatment: Experienced pest control companies train their staff to conduct fumigation for termite control at customer’s home. In this termite control method, the entire home is fumigated with a termite-killing gas and sealed for some time to kill the termites. 
  2. Bait Stations: Chances are that the pest control professional you hire to remove termites might use bait stations to control termites at your home. Here, baiting stations are inserted in the garden soil outside the house to remove the entire colonies of termites. 
  3. Heat Treatment: In this treatment, termites are exposed to extreme temperatures. The aim here is to kill these tiny pests that cannot tolerate high temperatures. This treatment is found extremely effective for termite infestations in small areas at home.
  4. Chemical Treatment: Several pest control professionals trust liquid termiticides to kill termites hiding in your homes. These chemicals are filled in the infested areas to kill termites and their eggs. 

3 Things to Know About an Anti-Termite Treatment at Home

Having decided to book a termite control treatment at home, it is important to gather some extra knowledge about the same. The following are a few crucial things to know about termite pest control at home:

  1. Type of Termite Treatment: The first thing to know when booking a termite treatment at home is the type of treatment. There are different anti-termite treatments offered by different pest control companies. So, do ask which treatment will be suitable for the termite infestation at your home. 
  2. Anti-Termite Treatment Price: Do ask for termite treatment costs from similar and experienced pest control companies. It will help you select the right treatment from the right company without poking a hole in your pocket. 
  3. Warranty or Guarantee: Not just the price, we also encourage you to ask for a warranty or guarantee on the treatment offered by the pest control company. Generally, all reputed and experienced pest controllers offer a money-back guarantee or a warranty for the service provided. 


Consider booking efficient wood or wall termite treatment from HiCare, the pioneer in providing perfect pest solutions. Maintain the value of your home and the safety of your family with a timely-booked termite pest control services from experts like HiCare. The trained HiCare team will ensure a thorough detection, and treatment thereafter to make your home termite-free.

Do Termites Make Noise in the Walls?

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