5 Pests that Spread Fast Inside Your Home

pests that spread fast inside your home

There are several reasons for which, pests spread quickly inside homes. They get easy access to food, water and warmth hiding inside homes. Not only this, they get conditions that are apt to reproduce and safety from their natural predators hiding inside our residences. 

Through this post, we aim to acquaint you with 5 common pests that spread fast inside your home and how to deal with them. 

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Be it a termite treatment, mosquito control, cockroach control, bed bug treatment, or a wood borer treatment, the expert team of HiCare masters the art of dealing with all these common pests found in your homes. HiCare is India’s 1st digitally integrated pest solution provider that offers warranty-backed services with no false promises. 

HiCare follows step-by-step procedures to detect, eliminate, and prevent pests from homes using eco-friendly ways and the latest technologies. All the treatments offered are hassle-free and will leave no side effects for the inhabitants of the house. 

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Mentioned below is the complete list of residential  pest control services offered by HiCare PAN-India at affordable pricing:

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  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • Termite Pest Control 
  • Wood Borer Control 

5 Common Pests That Spread Fast Inside Your Home

There are countless pests that you might see around you, but some are particularly fond of making an entry inside your homes. Listed below are 5 common pests that spread fast inside your home and how to deal with them:

  1. Cockroaches: Although not so tiny in size, cockroaches are smart enough to creep inside your home through small holes and cracks. These nocturnal insects get everything they want to feed inside your home and spread faster. 4D Cockroach Pest Control Treatment from HiCare can be an apt solution to eliminate these species from your home with a holistic and safe approach. 
  2. Termites: Termites are common pests that spread inside your home in search of cellulose-based materials such as wood, paper, and cardboard. These silent destroyers must not be taken lightly else they will end up eating your furniture. Book the Drill-Fill-Seal Termite Control from HiCare to control these social insects that like to live in colonies and spread faster. 
  3. Bed Bugs: Fond of feeding on blood, bed bugs are tiny insects that may quickly enter your home through luggage or shoes you carry back from a vacation. These are most commonly sighted on bed mattresses and upholstery. HiCare offers you a perfect solution to deal with these pests through its Bed Bug Treatment
  4. Mosquitoes: Several homeowners face the issue of mosquito bites at their peak during the rainy and spring seasons. Many of them fall prey to dengue, malaria, and chikungunya. Mosquitoes easily breed wherever they find stagnant water, so it is important to follow some preventive measures and get help in the form of a professional mosquito pest control treatment from HiCare.
  5. Fleas: Just like bed bugs, there are fleas that feed on blood, it could be either yours or your pet’s. They have a tendency to multiply fast and cause a lot of itching on the host body often leading to skin infections. Make sure to practice good hygiene practice and if you have pets, get them a flea control to keep the risk low. 


HiCare can be your partner in dealing with all sorts of common pests found in homes that spread faster if not controlled on time. The company with a rich legacy of over 30 years believes in “Less is More” in terms of chemical usage and provides a holistic approach when conducting any type of pest control service you opt for in your home. So, hurry, book a pest control treatment for your home from HiCare.

5 Pests that Spread Fast Inside Your Home

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