Did you know Australia Day is also the day of Cockroach Races?

India celebrates Republic Day on 26th January but the celebrations are on in the southern hemisphere as well, with Australia Day also being celebrated on this same day. In 1788, the British ships arrived at Port Jackson, New South Wales and the Great Britain flag was hoisted by Governor Arthur Phillip. Thus, the significance of this day! Much like in India, Australia Independence Day is also a public holiday in the country and Australia Day 2020 will be celebrated in great style by every member of the country. Also known as Invasion Day and Survival Day, their national day is always celebrated in style, with some unique festivities, including Cockroach Racing!

Cockroach Racing?!

Yeah, you heard that right. Australia National Day on one hand, cockroach racing on the other. Beginning at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane in 1982, Australia Day Cockroach Races is an annual event you don't want to miss. These roaches are trained to compete in this professional sport and why not?! Because they run faster than Usain Bolt anyway! The indigenous people of Australia have such a rich and interesting history. This though is one of the most interesting traditions of all. In fact, the popularity of this meant it spread to parts of America too, with cockroach races being played for prizes, money or just for the entertainment value itself. On Australia Day 2020, you can watch out for the annual cockroach races, which allows participants to bring in their own roaches, or even buy some at the venue. The proceeds from the Australia Day cockroach races go to charity and with a lot of hassle over the Bushfires in the country, this year's event will be an extremely special one.

How did it begin?

In 1982, two bar buffs got into an argument that cockroaches in their area were the fastest in Brisbane. Then, they had to prove their claims outside in a parking lot. This led to the first-ever annual race and since then, it's become a huge event with 7 of them taking place each year. The winner of that first race in 1982 turned out to be 'Soft Cocky' and we expect someone new to join the hall of fame this Independence Day.

Are cockroaches in your area fast too?

Of course, everyone knows about the speed of cockroaches and residents of India will all testify this fact. However, cockroach races aren't something we can officially have in our country. Not sure if many would like to tame roaches. Although among themselves, cockroaches do have plenty of unofficial races on the streets of the country. During Australia Independence Day, cockroaches race between a 6-meter (20 ft) ring. In India, they run races in and around our homes. Because of the continuous reduction of natural habitats, cockroaches come home in search of shelter, food and water. Thus, cockroach control is the go-to option when homeowners spot them! Like the duo who began cockroach racing in Australia, we also know the speed of cockroaches. They are nearly impossible to catch and kill on our own. That's where cockroach control services come into the picture. We give the professionals a call, they survey our homes and then come over for a cockroach control service. Maybe one day when our country is rid of pest and nuisance cockroaches, we can have our own cockroach races in India. Until then, let's look at the highest levels of hygiene to keep these scavengers away. For cockroach control help, contact HiCare, India's most reputed and trustworthy pest control brand. Call us at 8828333888 and say goodbye to cockroaches at home!