Can all mosquitoes cause the deadly dengue fever?

Dengue Mosquites: Check the details of types of mosquitoes which causes dengue fever. Also check the preventive measure taken to curb dengue fever mosquitoes

Dengue is among the most dangerous mosquito-caused diseases going around in our country at the moment. Along with dengue, mosquitoes cause malaria, chikungunya, west nile virus and much more. These diseases can be anything from one night of fever to having deadly consequences as well. It’s thus important to know the causes of dengue and how you can protect yourselves from dengue causing mosquitoes! Firstly, let’s be clear about dengue causing mosquitoes, as it’s not every mosquito that can land you in trouble.

The dengue fever itself is transmitted by a family of viruses only transmitted by the females Aedes mosquitoes. From its initial appearances in the 1940s, dengue is now widespread. The number of cases each year in India only seems to be growing, particularly in the monsoon. We’re bang in the middle of the monsoon now in India. So, here’s the time for you to be particularly careful. There are plenty of known symptoms of dengue fever. Be on the watch out for fever, rash and headache in particular. These are the biggest telling signs that you have been hit by dengue this rainy season.

Treatment of Dengue?

Knowing the types of mosquitoes causing dengue disease isn’t enough. You should also update yourself with its causes and symptoms, as well as treatment. There’s no antibiotic or treatment dedicated for dengue virus as such, but only treatment aimed at the symptoms being faced. This is also known as symptomatic treatment. Severe joint and muscle pain are some of the main symptoms of dengue. Once contracted, it could take a week or two to recover from these symptoms. Papaya leaf extract is one known solution that can aid the treatment of dengue fever.

However, the best method of prevention of dengue is to avoid getting mosquito bites itself. This means protecting yourselves from bites as well as eradicating dengue-causing mosquitoes. It’s the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquito that spreads the dengue virus. The disease is prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical areas across the world. The virus isn’t contagious and cannot be spread person-to-person. Remember, the virus is mosquito-borne only!

Prevention of dengue!

1) Keep mosquitoes away:

How can you get dengue is there aren’t any dengue causing mosquitoes itself? Using high quality netting on door and window frames ensure there are less mosquitoes entering your homes each evening/night. Similarly, if there are mosquitoes, make sure you sleep with good fan breeze above you. Sleep with mosquito repellent creams and apply wherever your skin is exposed.

2) Clean-up drives:

This includes within your homes as well as outside. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and it’s imperative to keep your surroundings clean and dry this monsoon. Outside the homes, try and avoid water collecting in old tyres, empty pots and cardboard boxes, overflowing gutters, drains, etc. Similarly, within the home, don’t leave unwanted water lying around in buckets.

3) Pest control:

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Can all mosquitoes cause the deadly dengue fever?

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