Bye to Diwali, Hello to Cleaning

"Bye to Diwali, Hello to cleaning: Currently, the most serious topic going all around is a DREAM OF HAVING A CLEAN INDIA, GREEN INDIA. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi always talk about having a clean India & so he has also taken some major steps towards it by organizing the campaign of Swatchh bharat abhiyan. And we Indians from all corners of India are strongly supporting this idea. This idea has also shown its positive output & yes today we can proudly say that we are all together working towards the process of having a clean India.

No doubt we are focusing towards cleaning our surrounding area but within this process do we ever think before going and cleaning the outside world for a while we also need to pay attention towards our inside world. Because if we are dreaming of changing our country in a positive way then we too need to make some changes within ourselves because as it is always said change always begin with ourselves first. We all know as Diwali comes to an end everywhere we see the wrapper of crackers thrown around & which just looks disgusting. It sounds so weird before the arrival of Diwali we make sure everything is cleaned and as the festival is over we don't even bother about the cleanliness. Is cleanliness done just for the sake of festivals??? Obviously not. For living a healthy lifestyle we should make sure that we focus on cleanliness on a regular basis and not only during festivals.

We always say change begins with ourselves. So why not start the mission of cleaning our country by first cleaning our own house. Cleanliness always creates a positive aura around us, we develop ourselves with a healthy mind and a positive attitude. And we all know the fact that cleanliness is next to godliness. Just clean your wardrobe, drawers, maintain everything neatly you automatically feel the change in you & your life. Everything will be quite simple & happier & trust me it is a fact. Let us sweep away our anger, envy, and ego & this will only happen if we carry a healthy mind with us and for having a healthy mind we definitely need a healthy environment and this is possible only when we take care of cleanliness.

So let's work towards cleanliness making our lives healthier, creating a positive mind & making our world a better place to live.

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