Bed Bug Facts And Myths Debunked

bed bugs facts and myths

Buying a house is one of the biggest investment you are going to make in your lifetime. Hence it is absolutely mandatory to make sure you pay attention to every minute detail in the house before finalizing the deal. Also, beware of pest infection while buying a house.

The initial step for bed bugs prevention is to know the problem in the first place. Hence, Hicare bed bug Pest Control Experts have debunked some of the most common bed bug facts and myths.

Bed bugs are Expert Hitchhikers:

Bed bug transmission is very easy. They tag onto the luggage and clothing very easily while traveling allows them easy access to our homes. They can be present almost anywhere. Right from public places like restaurants, libraries and shopping malls to all the type of public transports including planes. There’s always a possibility of bed bugs hopping on to your clothes/luggage and letting them enter your dwelling. Apart from this, they tend to easily travel through pipes and electrical wires from one room to another. Their sense of mobility makes the travelers and daily commuters, a high risk for being bed bug carriers.

Don’t throwing away the Bedding/Furniture after infestation:

Bed bugs are quite experts at hiding almost anywhere. Right from the furniture, appliances in the bedroom to electrical sockets and small crack and crevices in the wall. Though the bedding is heavily infested, don’t throw away the bedding as it is not a foolproof solution. Because the bed bugs hidden in other places will strike the new replacement mattress almost immediately. Wash the bed sheets and the pillow covers in hot water. The mattress itself can be treated to devoid of bed bugs. For guaranteed bed bugs removal though hire a professional pest control.

Their bites are not Harmful:

Studies about bed bug facts have proved that their bites are not dangerous as they don’t transmit disease. But they definitely do bite and take blood. Most people don’t wake up because the bed bug bites are anesthetic and painless. While the feeding process itself is quick. The only bed bug symptoms noticeable are the bites and even though the bites are not as harmful as assumed, the spot does get itchy and annoying.

Bed bugs are found everywhere: 

You can literally find bed bugs everywhere. Contrary to our beliefs, that they are found only in cheap hotels and dirty restaurants, there’s an equal chance of the gritty creatures being present inexpensive restaurants and deluxe hotels. Basically, Bedbugs and signs of bed bugs are found anywhere close to human settlements. A clean house does not necessarily mean bed bug-free zone although a clutter-free area will reduce their chances up to great extent.

Bed bugs do not necessarily attack only at night: 

This is one of the very less known bed bug facts. Although bed bugs usually attack only in the night that does not mean humans are safe during the day. Bed bugs sense the heat and carbon dioxide produced by humans and in the night humans become all the more vulnerable. Bed bugs are usually inactive during the day hiding in hard to access locations like mattresses, crevices while at night they come out to feed on the humans. Their nocturnal behavior is only because humans are asleep and they are safe from their predators.

DIY Chemicals/Sprays are ineffective:

The common pest killing pesticides and DIY home remedies for bed bugs are not at all effective to wipe out bed bug infestations. The chemicals are only good enough to kill the ones that come in contact with them while the hidden bed bugs remain unaffected. The cheap over the counter pesticides require multiple application which could worsen the situation as well as prove toxic and harmful to kids and pets in the house.

Enough of Bed bug facts

Above we have seen a lot of bed bug facts and myths and thus bed bugs require a professional extermination service. If you do find any signs of bedbugs inform Hicare immediately. Hicare, the best Bed bugs control service brand in India will make sure they remove bugs from their source effectively. The professionals at Hicare have years of experience in dealing with them and are expert in knowing the likely hideout places and best approach to eradicating the bed bug infestation. Call Hicare on 080-46809272 or visit us to know more about this Bed bug pest control service

Bed Bug Facts And Myths Debunked

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