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Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs can be the most annoying of creatures as they’re extremely tiny and difficult to spot. What’s worse is that while they don’t spread diseases in humans, they can create a massive nuisance due to bites at night. Bed bug bites are usually in patterns like a line, circle or within a certain area of your body, since they’re small and travel slowly. Bed bugs control is of utmost importance as the longer we wait, the more problematic it could become. HiCare’s bed bug treatment is one of the best in the country. Our bed bug pest control involves a Round 2 after 15 days as bed bug eggs cannot be destroyed by chemicals, except after they’re hatched. Our bed bug control begins at just INR 3,690 per single service of a 1 BHK apartment.

Service Details :

  • Experts do a thorough inspection of hiding spots of bed bugs and inject the areas with advanced chemicals
  • A mild odour spray is applied ensuring complete treatment against bed bug
  • This is followed by a second round of treatment after 15 days to kill newly hatched bed bugs as their eggs cannot be destroyed at all

Benefits :

  • It is highly effective and completely controls infestation of Bed bugs at home ensuring no bed bugs are found in the infected places post treatment

Service Timeframe :

  • 45 Days service includes 2 services at intervals of 15 days
  • 90 Days service includes 4 services

Warranty :

  • 45 Days Service comes with 45 Days protection
  • 90 Days Service comes with 90 Days protection
  • Additional 1 year warranty can be availed too which protects your home from Bed bugs round the year

Customer Testimonials

I liked the service as I could see the change in the situation after the bed bug service.

I am quite satisfied with the service as the beg bugs completely disappeared after the service. I would like to now try other services of HiCare and recommend it to my friends.

I am satisfied with the bed bugs service of HiCare. Also the technicians briefed us very well to avoid such issues in the future.


Where do bed bugs come from? How can I prevent a bed bug infestation?

Bed Bugs are hitch hikers and can come into your homes from holiday travels, flights, movie theatres, clothes received from ironing and even cabs. Since you will never know where they are coming from, always call the experts for a regular inspection and bed bug treatment.

I have a very clean home. Can I get bed bugs?

A clean home is not proofed against bed bugs. Professional inspection and bed bug treatment solutions are best. Bed bugs can migrate from anywhere through your clothes or luggage into your home. Good housekeeping won’t prevent or eliminate a bed bug problem, though regular inspections and beg bug control helps. Bed bugs thrive even in upscale hotels or spotless homes. Thus, professional bed bug pest control helps.

How does HiCare’s bed bugs control service work?

Our experts do a thorough inspection of hiding spots of bed bugs in your homes, and inject the areas with advanced chemicals. This is followed by a second round treatment after 15 days to kill the newly hatched bed bugs, as their eggs cannot be destroyed. This is what makes professional bed bug pest control the only lasting solution.

How much time does it take to complete the bed bug treatment?

It takes 45 minutes to one hour to complete the bed bug treatment. The time taken varies depending on the extent of the infestation because bed bugs can lay up to 10 eggs per day

How soon can you see the results?

We inspect every seam and fold of the mattress to identify their location and do a thorough treatment. This is followed by a second round of bed bugs control after 15 days to kill newly hatched bed bugs as their eggs cannot be destroyed. So, the total process could take around 2-4 weeks for you to see results.

What does the 45-day/90-day contract cover?

The 45 days contract covers 2 services with a gap of 15 days. The 90 days contract covers 4 services at interval of 15-20 days. If you have any complaints after the service, our technicians will resolve it at no extra charges.

How do I stay protected round the year?

Bed bugs are hitchhikers, so you will never know where they are coming from. There is a high chance of new bed bugs entering your home from your travel or holidays. Thus, knowing how to get rid of bed bugs at home it is advisable and it’s also to take an extended warranty at a minimal cost to ensure yearlong safety.

Meet the Bed bug: "The Clever Hitch-Hiker"

  • The bed bug is the world’s best hitch hiker as they are only 0.5mm in size and can easily hide and hike into your cozy homes from holiday travel, cars, taxis, autos, trains, movie theatres and night clubs.
  • The tiny nocturnal (night-loving) pests called khatmal, travel silently and go unseen as well. You will never know where they come from. Bed bugs leave a nasty, musty odour and molted skin and eggs around your bed linen.
  • Bed bugs mostly infest beddings, mattresses, headboards, box-springs and upholstered sofa sets. Bed bugs are so rugged that they can go for one full year without feeding so a bed bug treatment is always advised.
  • They can survive from almost freezing temperatures up to a hot 122 degree Fahrenheit. Bed bug bites cause rashes, allergies and disrupt your sleep.
  • Do not inadvertently ‘donate blood’ (yours and your family’s) to this unseen enemy. Remember, bed bug infestations are difficult to detect till the problem becomes very serious. Only an aggressive, yet safe professional bed bug treatment strategy is a permanent solution to get rid of bed bugs at home.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs are mostly found in beddings, mattresses, bed-frames, box-springs, on headboards and in sofa sets.
  • Due to their extremely tiny size and night living nature, it is difficult to spot them. Dark spots and small blood stains may point to the presence of bed bugs. Good housekeeping will not eliminate the bed bug problem.
  • Bed bug infestations and notoriously difficult to deal with as they live in tiny hidden groups and spread rapidly. Success in elimination or getting rid of bed bugs permanently depends on accurate identification, effective and safe bed bug treatment and follows up. Only professionals can get rid of bed bugs permanently via their expert bed bug pest control services.

Early detection is the only prevention

  • For bed bugs, there is usually no specific preventive measure that one can take but individuals need to be alert at all times especially in taxis, buses and theatres, etc.
  • Just be vigilante to examine clothing, footwear, cartons, luggage and bedding.
  • Early detection, frequent cleaning and awareness are the best preventive measures when it comes to bed bugs.

Benefits of Hicare Bed Bug Pest Control

  • Bed bugs can be very dangerous and there are many bed bug pest control companies, but only Hicare uses best in class chemicals, approved by the Insecticides board.
  • Do it yourself (DIY) bed bugs pest control or local bed bugs control services use cheap chemicals that might not eliminate bed bugs permanently.
  • Our trained technicians make sure that bed bugs are gone forever keeping your family safe.
  • You are safe, sure and secure with HI-CARE.

Don't DIY: Give professional a try

  • Many people suspect bed bugs when they see little red welts on exposed areas of the body or tiny little dot-like bloodstains on bed-linen.
  • The bed bug is a little hitchhiker that’s hard to detect and it’s even harder to get rid of bed bugs in homes permanently.
  • A thorough yet safe professional bed bugs control service can kill your bed bug problem completely. Local pest control services for bed bug control have been found highly dangerous, toxic and even fatal in a few cases.
  • Dangerous chemicals in unhealthy high doses and allergy inducing sprays are used by untrained people and yet there is no guarantee of and end of the infestation.
  • After proper inspection and treatment with safe and effective chemicals, a second round of bed bug treatment kills newly hatched bedbugs, as the unhatched eggs cannot be killed by bed bugs control services.
  • The 45 days bed bugs control contract covers 4 services at an interval of 15-20 days. You can also get year-long freedom from bed bugs with our 1-year extended warranty.
  • The unspoken guarantee is the sound sleep and peace of mind that HiCare’s bed bugs control service gives you and your family.
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