Are you looking for mosquito pest control service near you ? book with HiCare

mosquito pest control service near you

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With the rainy season around the corner, it means more breeding, feeding and buzzing of mosquitoes. This also means that your house and your space are at a high risk of being attacked by pests. Not just mosquitoes but even ants, rodents and bugs. Imagine that you would want to enjoy those rains with windows open and sitting in the balcony with a hot cup of tea and a mosquito that keeps whining around you and ants roaming around your biscuits and sweet treats. Not a good visual, right?

To avoid all of these, just a simple step of searching ‘mosquito control services near me’ can help. Getting mosquito pest control services availed at regular intervals can help you enjoy the time with your family, weather and safeguard your property too. A mosquito bite can cause irritation and itchiness because of the saliva being injected into your body. This leads to more such diseases like – Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika virus, and many more.

Youngsters and babies are at a high risk of getting infected. Usually, a small bite can take matters behind the doors of a hospital and can take weeks for you to fully recover. Apart from that, a female mosquito can lay around 100-300 eggs in one session. If this happens in your home, there could be an entire swarm ready to cause nuisance around your place. To avoid these, HiCare’s pest control services come to your rescue. But, when you search for ‘mosquito control services near me,’ you are presented with a lot of pest control services. Before coming to a conclusion, consider these factors and make a decision.

List of factors to consider :

  • Chemical Used– Are they organic, natural or are any harmful substances used?
  • Side Effects– Are there any health issues that can possibly happen or any other damage that can take place?
  • Licensing– Are they approved by a regulatory body?
  • Legacy– How many years have they been operating in the industry? What is their clientele?
  • Experts– How well trained are the experts? What technology and techniques are being used to disinfect?
  • References– Seek references from others and see if they would recommend it to you.
  • Reviews– Read customer reviews and analyze the same.
  • Accessibility – How accessible is the company? Consider customer care and ease of booking.

If this checks out all the boxes of your ‘mosquito control services near me’ search, it is definitely the right one for you.

We advise signing a yearly contract with a company, the reason being:

1.  Ease

It is better to sign a yearly contract than to book a single appointment every time. We might get lousy and not book, but an annual service can help you overcome these.

2.  Cost-efficient

Look if your service provides a one nation one price policy like HiCare. Booking a single appointment every time can cost a hefty sum in your pocket. A contract usually has all the charges included in it. You don’t have to pay any extra commute charges as well.

Apart from these, a lot of people take matters into their own hands with chalks and mosquito sprays but fail to control them. It is because we don’t have a piece of adequate knowledge about the application. Expert pest control service providers know their work in and out. They can reach the smallest of corners and help you cover all the mosquito prone areas.

Apart from these, here are some more reasons why an expert should be hired-

1. They have the right equipment

Professional pest control services have the technology and equipment to reach across all corners of the house and space. HiCare’s hygiene experts spray your house with the WHO approved wall spray and conduct the anti-larval treatment in places with standing water.

2. Expertise

We have been working in this industry for the last 28 years and know just what you need. We know the chemicals that we are using and the dosage required. HiCare uses a CIB approved wall dispenser that dispenses 4× less chemicals than the usual vaporizers to help your house be free from mosquitoes.

3. Safety

They wear safety gear and masks, unlike your regular pest control provider. Whereas, we don’t really take these cautions which can further pose a threat to our family’s health. HiCare’s hygiene experts take a mask selfie-and wear gloves while taking care of other safety precautions.

All in all, with our years of experience and technical expertise, HiCare is the best pest control service for you. Call 8828333888 or visit and book our 3× Mosquito Control Service today!

Are you looking for mosquito pest control service near you ? book with HiCare

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