Are Disinfecting Home Cleaning Services Able To Fight Monkeypox Infection?

are disinfecting home cleaning services able to fight monkeypox infection

After COVID-19, Monkeypox is the recent viral outbreak that is scaring everyone across the globe. With a tendency to spread from animals to humans and from humans to humans, this viral infection belongs to the family of smallpox. So, what is Monkeypox? It is a viral zoonotic infection that enters the skin of a person through a cut, mucous membrane, or respiratory tract. Although a rare disease, Monkeypox may make one miserable. A disinfected house, along with hand hygiene and a couple of other hygiene practices, can help fight the deadly spread of Monkeypox.

So, does this mean that opting for a disinfecting home cleaning service will be your shield against Monkeypox? Let’s figure this out along with more in-depth knowledge about Monkeypox symptoms and treatment.

8 Early Signs of Monkeypox Infection

Treating Monkeypox is possible if you can detect its early symptoms. It may take a couple of days for the Monkeypox symptoms to showbut having prior knowledge about the early signs is always an advantage to detecting the infection and looking for the right treatment. 

Some of the early signs of Monkeypox are:

  1. High fever or high temperature
  2. Shivering
  3. Muscle ache
  4. Backache
  5. Fatigue
  6. Constant headache
  7. Swollen lymph nodes and glands
  8. Red rashes on the skin

7 Common Causes of Monkeypox Infection

As mentioned earlier, Monkeypox is a viral infection caused mainly due to lack of hygiene and coming in close contact with an infected person or animal. Anyone infected with the Monkeypox virus, a part of the Orthopoxvirus Genus, can be the cause of spreading the disease to others around. 

Some common causes of Monkeypox are:

  1. Using contaminated bedding, towels, clothing, and appliances
  2. Physical contact with an infected person
  3. Sexual activity with an infected person
  4. Sharing meals and drinks with an infected person
  5. Infected pregnant mother to the fetus
  6. Direct contact with scabs and skin lesions of an infected person
  7. Inhaling contaminated air around an infected person

Is Monkeypox Infection Curable?

Yes, Monkeypox is curable and there is hardly any requirement for hospitalization for the patient suffering from this virus. The infection usually lasts for 2-4 weeks, depending on its severity. Try to catch the early signs of MPXV and consult with a doctor who would then prescribe you an antibiotic or antiviral medication. Besides, try to eat healthy food and drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration during Monkeypox. The most widely prescribed medicine for Monkeypox is TPOXX or Tecovirimat. It is an antiviral medicine formulated by SIGA Technologies. Best known to treat smallpox, TPOXX is also found effective in treating Monkeypox infection.

Can Home Sanitization Help Defeat Monkeypox?

Home sanitization and disinfection are a part of Monkeypox treatment. This virus is capable of surviving on linen and surfaces, especially in a cool, dark, and low-humidity environment. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to regular home disinfection and sanitization. The focus should be on killing germs and viruses on the objects and surfaces at home to avoid spread of this infection. If a person in the house is already infected with Monkeypox, it becomes all the more essential to sanitize everything at home to prevent others from catching the same infection.

Role of Home Disinfection Against Monkeypox Infection

Just like the protocol followed in the case of COVID-19, in case of Monkeypox too, the infected person is suggested to observe self-isolation at home. During their home isolation, they must make sure to clean and disinfect the belongings and spaces they use at home. Moreover, they must be very particular about hand hygiene and use a good sanitizer at home.

9 Tips to Protect Your Home from Monkeypox Infection

Monkeypox or MPXV is not a new disease but not many people are aware of how to deal with the infection. The key to prevention in case of Monkeypox is again sanitization, cleaning, and hygiene. 

Listed below are some useful tips to disinfect your home to prevent the spread of Monkeypox infection:

  1. Disinfect the door knobs, handles, and tabletops
  2. Sanitize and disinfect the toilets and laundry
  3. Use separate utensils and clean them thoroughly using a disinfectant liquid
  4. Use a good sanitizer or disinfectant liquid for mopping floors
  5. Regularly wash hands to disinfect them and minimize the chances of catching the infection
  6. The person serving or taking care of the patient should wear disposable gloves, masks, and a PPE kit for proper protection against the virus
  7. Stop sharing utensils, clothing, and food with an infected person
  8. The waste accumulated from the patient’s room must be dealt with carefully and thrown in a closed bin
  9. Cars and home furnishings used by the infected person must be thoroughly cleaned  by a professional home cleaning service


Having read all about the Monkeypox viral infection, one thing is clear that it’s essential to focus on hygiene. If you want to stay away from the MPXV infection, do not take your home hygiene lightly. In this regard, the Sanitizing Home Service offered by HiCare is outstanding. HiCare is a leading digital hygiene company in India with a legacy of 16 years. The company trains its professionals to use eco-friendly chemicals for a perfect home cleaning service. Be it carpets, sofas, curtains, chairs, or the entire home, nothing goes out of reach when you trust HiCare for a home sanitization service. Stay clean and safeguard yourself and your loved ones against the Monkeypox infection with a professional home cleaning and disinfection service. 

Are Disinfecting Home Cleaning Services Able To Fight Monkeypox Infection?

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