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This article provides some Helpful tips and advice for exposure to mosquito. Mosquito pest control is one of the quickest ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

Pest control is extremely necessary to prevent your home from unwanted breachers. What starts off in a few numbers, turns out to be a long trail of mishaps. Your home is your space where you are supposed to live peacefully. Mosquitoes are one of the most common types of pests which can cause severe health effects. During the rainy season, the weather is cool and breezy, but you can’t keep your windows or balcony doors open due to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes survive in every season, be it summer, winter, monsoon or autumn.

Mosquito pest control helps combat such kinds of situations. It covers up all the hiding corners and places that go unnoticed by all of us. Many people think that spraying mosquito repellent can help, but the point is to what extent? Any home or space needs end-to-end cleaning. Even if one or two mosquitos are left behind, they still can turn into a whole colony.

Here are some tips and advice to prevent yourself from exposure to mosquitoes –


Professional pest control is necessary as there are expert technicians who serve you. When we take matters into our hands, we often neglect hard to reach places. These people have been doing this professionally and know the nooks and corners of the house. Always select a company with years of experience and the number of clients they have served. You can sign yearly contracts with them so they can come multiple times to provide the service.


Dump out all the water in the containers or pots when not necessary. Even if you put out water in your verandah for birds or animals, throw it away after some time or change it to clean water. It would prevent mosquitoes from getting accumulated. If the mosquitoes breed in these waters, it becomes very easy for them to target your family with viruses and vector-borne diseases. Dengue, malaria, cholera etc. to name some.


Throw away the garbage bag as soon as it is filled instead of keeping it open for hours. Mosquitoes breed on the peels and gravies. Make sure that you keep your rooms clean and neat every day. If you live in an apartment, make sure that the garbage bin is cleaned and taken away every day. Your common flat area should be broomed and cleaned every day. And if you live in a bungalow, ensure that your terrace, sitting area and parking are washed regularly. This can help a lot.


Mosquitoes and bugs are attracted to light. White light usually attracts mosquitoes in your area. You can replace your outdoor bulbs with a warm yellow as these lights differ in wavelengths as compared to the bright whites and reduces the number of mosquitoes attracted to your premises.


Pool covers are great to protect dirt from entering the pool, but they act like a catalyst when it comes to creating mosquito breeding grounds. Pools that have stagnant water or are covered by pool covers for long periods of time have high chances of mosquito infestation in and around them. Changing your pool water at regular intervals can help you prevent a whole lot of mosquito trouble.

These small steps can really help with reducing exposure to mosquitoes. Mosquito pest control is one of the quickest ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Once you get it done at regular intervals, the risk automatically drops. At HiCare, we have a reigning legacy of 28 years and have served more than 30 lakh+ homes and 300 corporations. Our chemicals are CIB & HACCP approved, that means that it is safe and long-lasting. With our 24/7 online transparency, you can book with us online on our website www.hicare.in or call us at 8828333888 for telephone enquiries.

5 Helpful tips and advice for exposure to mosquito|Hicare

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