3X Mosquito Control Service by HiCare

3X Mosquito Control Treatment: Best Mosquito Solution for Home by HiCare

In this blog we explain how we go about the service in detail. and This commences the service officially and the experts go ahead with providing you with our 3X mosquito control and an experience you will never forget.

Pests are a huge problem regardless of their size. One doesn’t realise the severity of this unless they make their presence felt, by causing diseases, disrupting good health and destruction to properties. Mosquitoes are one such set of pests that is most spoken about, especially during the monsoons but yet are taken for granted.

Now that we have concluded that the deadliest of diseases are transmitted by these tiny insects, we want to take them seriously and take the necessary step towards mosquito control.

World Mosquito Day

Did you know that there is a day specifically celebrated as world mosquito day to make people aware of the illnesses caused by mosquitoes?

Falling on August 20th every year, the day was first celebrated in honour of Sir Ronald Ross who discovered that Anopheles mosquitoes were responsible for the transmission of the malaria parasite which the world was suffering through back then. To mark this breakthrough discovery in the fight against malaria, this day was commemorated.

So, this World Mosquito Day, let us dive into our mosquito control service powered by the latest technology and innovation, that helps protect you and your families against various vector-borne diseases.

3X Mosquito Control Treatment

Introducing India’s first 3X mosquito control treatment. It has been developed with years of research on mosquito behaviours, and chemicals that can be used safely by India’s leading hygiene service provider, HiCare. Our company with its legacy of three decades has been eco-conscious and creative with its pest control solutions and has innovated advanced pest treatments over the years. This time we are it’s back with yet another holistic pest control solution- here with a three-step fix that comes to your rescue against the mosquito menace!

Gaps in existing methods and how we bridge them

We realised the need for one holistic and in-depth approach that could replace the multiple products people put to use for mosquito control for a long period to get temporary results.

Vaporizers, the old form of mosquito control treatment, have been used widely in the world. With the fact that it’s effective only for small areas and the other side-effects being ignored for so long, it was high time that some research on this subject was conducted and an effective way to deal with mosquitoes was developed.

Any random mosquito treatment wouldn’t do the trick. Especially because not all of them go to the root of the problem to find a solution. Instead, they address the mosquito problem on the surface level and kill only those that are present. What about the ones that are yet to mature and come to life?

As one of India’s most experienced pest control providers, HiCare set out on a mission to revolutionize the mosquito pest control sector by studying mosquito behaviour and inventing an ingenious three-step solution.

  1. Smart Air: We came up with an automated wall dispenser that has scientifically optimised spray intervals, odourless formulation and 4x less chemicals. After testing the dispenser in highly infested areas of Mumbai, we developed this product that works against mosquitoes even with windows open, like magic.
  2. Smart Walls: Our team has tested and invented a long-standing encapsulated wall spray treatment which retains on indoor walls for 3 months. The formulation is tested in highly infested rural areas of Tamil Nadu by scientists of the National Institute of Malaria research.
  3. Smart Water: We use WHO-approved chemicals as anti-larval breeding sites treatment to give you the freedom to keep windows open 24×7 as per your convenience.

A long term solution for mosquito control comes with the right set of service procedures, from inspection to execution.

Our hygiene experts conduct in-depth inspections of your premises to offer solid, effective and sustainable solutions that are hassle-free, so you can throw away the multiple mosquito repellent products for good.

Feel the fresh breeze when you keep your windows open 24×7 at your convenience. When you get a HiCare Mosquito Management Service, you can be worry-free about mosquito troubles for the next three months.

The best part here is that we offer a 30 days guarantee backed service! So you have a whole month of assurance on your end, and just in case you aren’t satisfied with the service experience, you can call us and get a free of cost complaint service. Alternatively you can call us for any queries or complaints relating to the service and we will love to help you resolve them.

Read ahead to know how we go about the service in detail.

3X Mosquito Management Service Step by Step

The 3X Mosquito Management service can be divided into the following phases broadly.

The Booking Phase

We believe in helping our customers throughout the whole customer journey map. Our first intervention is our digital presence. Our interactive website gives you valuable insights into our brand, our service and the service experiences we have provided.

Our efforts have been towards making the booking process as easy as possible for you. Here’s a run-through of our online booking process.

  1. Simply put in your pin code in the prompt on the website.
  2. Select the Type of Service
  3. Select the size of your space
  4. Select the frequency of service you want to go for
  5. Hit Book Now and add personal details to schedule the service!

Does this feel like a very tedious process to go through? Well, you have another way to book our services.

  1. After putting in your Pincode, Click on ‘Request a Callback’
  2. Fill in your name and phone number
  3. Wait for our hygiene expert to call you and schedule your service on call.

The Pre- Service Phase

This Phase is all about ensuring that we follow all the set safety protocols and keep ourselves safe to keep our customers safer and offer mosquito-free homes and offices without the constant worry about the pandemic.

  1. We check our hygiene experts for temperature and oxygen levels.
  2. We update the same on the Aarogya Setu app.
  3. We send you details of our hygiene experts.
  4. They arrive at your doorstep at the predefined time.

The Service Phase

This phase encompasses the time that our experts arrive at your doorstep to the time they leave your home after ensuring complete eradication of mosquitoes from your spaces.

  1. They show you their identity card.
  2. They will wear their PPE kit, shoe covers, face shield and gloves.
  3. You get an OTP on your phone.
  4. Lastly, they take a masked selfie and add the OTP to their system.

This is how we can keep a tab on the safety protocol being followed by all our hygiene experts.

This commences the service officially and the experts go ahead with providing you with our 3X mosquito control and an experience you will never forget.

1.  Inspection

  • Our hygiene experts thoroughly go through your space and identify all the breeding sites (accumulated water)
  • They remove all the stagnant water possible to avoid open breeding sites
  • They add SumiLarv anti-larvae treatment to non-removable water

2. Dusting & Covering

  • Our hygiene experts sweep the walls off and cover all furniture with plastic sheet and masking tape so the spray can be used

3.  Spray

  •  They spray the encapsulated wall spray on the walls with well-tested equipments.

4.  Dispenser

  • They search for the best place to install the ingenious automatic dispenser
  • They drill a small hole 7-8 feet above the ground and install the dispenser

5.  Final touches

  • They will wipe all excess chemicals off using a microfiber cloth
  • Then, the removal of the plastic coverings from the previously covered furniture will be done
  • Finally, they will explain you the do’s and don’ts of mosquito control
  • Post that, they will ask you for online feedback.
  • You get a closure OTP which is put in by the expert on his system to end service

The Post- Service Phase

  1. The next 90 days, you get to experience freedom from all kinds of mosquito troubles so keep your windows and doors open whenever you want and enjoy the monsoon from indoors
  2. If there is some problem and you face mosquito problems in the 30 days post your service, you can call us to lodge the complaint and we will help you with a free service to solve the problem


If words don’t convince you, we’re sure our exceptional customer service experience will!

So, it’s time to be proactive against the mosquito attack before it is too late and call us for the most effective and innovative solution there is. Switch to India’s first 3X mosquito control by HiCare, and we assure you’ll never look back!

3X Mosquito Control Service by HiCare

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