Winter Pest Control Tips from the Experts!

winter pest control tips

Many people are ignorant about the fact that winter also is a major pest season. There are some pests that are less active during the winters. But that doesn’t mean your house is totally safe from the pesky creatures. In fact, cockroaches are the most active in the winter as the harsh weather outside is very difficult for them survive. Kitchens and lofts make a perfect hiding spot for them in these conditions. Rodents, on the other hand, have their eyes set on your garbage bins in the kitchen or the pantry and under the sink area where it is easy for them to hide. Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers and their threat always looms if you are a constant traveler or have guests coming over. Refer to the following home pest control tips from Hicare’s experts.

6 Best Winter Pest Control Tips

  1. One of the best preventive pest control tips is keeping your house clean. A clean home and particularly a clean kitchen and pantry will help you in evading the winter pests to its fullest. Minor things like mopping the floor on a regular basis and wiping the food crumbs away immediately, go a long way in totally shunning them away.
  2. Check for cracks, leaks and crevices in your homes as well as your doors and windows/balconies, furniture, behind the refrigerator, kitchen cabinet as well as in your bathrooms because a small opening is enough for rodents to break into and wreak havoc. Seal any openings with copper mesh or cement or get it repaired by a mason/carpenter.
  3. Remove clutter especially old newspapers and clothes. Recycle or dispose of them appropriately as the cockroaches are known to feed on them. Check your attic for any mess and reorganize all of the stuff there.
  4. Store food in the refrigerator. Use sealed packaging or airtight containers while keeping any food or spices in the pantry or the kitchen cabinet.
  5. Always cover your garbage bins with hard compact lids. Dispose of the garbage regularly especially the wet garbage, because this is what attracts the insects the most.
  6. If after all of these efforts you still do find a cockroach or a rodent crawling around, call Hicare immediately before the single pest becomes a big infestation. Prevention is always better than cure and your rule of the thumb should be to call a highly experienced Pest Control Service.

About HiCare

Hicare, the best pest control service in India is proficient as well as experienced when it comes to handling the seasonal as well as regular pests in the house.

  • We never compromise on the quality of pest management service we offer as we designate only highly skilled technicians with chemicals approved by Central Insecticides board.
  • The technicians apart from sanitizing your house will also advise you on how to prevent future pest infestations. A professional pest control will not only keep your house safe from damages but will also keep your family healthy.
  • Termites and bed bugs are quite secretive in nature and are hard to detect. If you do suspect any such presence, Hicare also offers inspection services to avoid further damage to your property.

Call Hicare on 08828333888 and let your worries take a backseat.

Winter Pest Control Tips from the Experts!

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