Finding the best pest control service provider in India? Easy!

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“How do I find quality pest control? Where can I get a trusted pest control service provider? Do I have any options for affordable pest control? Can I book a pest treatment service without any hassles? Can someone check my home for potential pest problems? Is there someone who can answer my home hygiene questions? Will I be able to breathe purer air at home?” You may be wondering why we’ve begun this blog with so many questions. Basically, these are questions asked by lakhs and lakhs of homeowners across India. People suffer from pest problems daily and have additional worries about their pest controllers like chemical safety, reasonable rates, trust, etc.

So, who’s the best?

If there’s one pest control service provider that provides answers to each of the above questions and more, it’s HiCare. This is the ‘baap’ of all those companies who promise to provide the best pest control in India. Why do you ask? For multiple reasons, actually. Firstly, since this is India’s only HACCP Certified pest control provider. Secondly, since it’s a member of the NPMA (National Pest Management Association). This means that strict regulations and licensing controls are adhered to. Thirdly, since HiCare is not just a pest control company, but a leader in home hygiene as well. If you don’t suffer from roaches, ants or mosquitoes, HiCare still solves your air purification and other home hygiene needs. Fourthly, the rates are perfectly suited to every pocket across India. Moreover, we encourage going digital and give out up to 20% additional discounts to those who pay online. Fifthly, we have coverage in every nook and corner of this country. Using only highly reputed Bayer chemicals, we have successfully served customers in 100+ cities across India. Sixthly, seventhly, eighthly, ninthly, and the list can just keep going on. What we’re trying to say is that HiCare happens to be the best pest control company in India, for multiple reasons. Serving lakhs of customers over the years, HiCare’s reputation has been built steadily and naturally, they have the best pest control services to be offered.

What is the best pest control company for bed bugs?

Now we won’t just harp and say HiCare is the best, but we’ll tell you why it’s the best. Since bed bugs are tough to spot, our trained technicians do a thorough inspection of hiding spots and inject the areas with advanced chemicals. The mild odour spray is applied and then, the process is repeated after 15 days, as newly hatched bed bug eggs can’t be destroyed initially. This professional bed bug treatment begins at just INR 3,690 with combos and year-long warranties on offer.

What is the best pest control company for roaches?

Again, let us tell you why we say HiCare. The very efficient MAXFORCE gel is applied in every crack, hole and suspected cockroach hideout. The odourless gel can be applied at any time of day, without the hassle of moving things around or disturbing your family members. The long-lasting medicine spreads to the entire colony of roaches in your homes and kills them all. Starting at just INR 4,230, you can avail a single service, as well as 1-year and 2-year services. So, with all these benefits at reasonable rates, why haven’t you tried HiCare as yet? Do so and see all your pest problems vanish, in a matter of days. Then, you’ll have no doubt in your mind as to who is the best pest control company in India.


Established in 2004, HiCare is India’s leading pest control provider for residential and commercial pest control for Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Wood Borers, Termites, Bird Netting and others, including home cleaning services and other home hygiene solutions.

Finding the best pest control service provider in India? Easy!

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