What are the most surprising unknown facts about Termites?

We're not going to come on and deliver some 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' facts today. However, we're going to discuss some facts that there's a high chance you didn't know before today. Facts about termites and facts about white ants - you'll have much to think about when you're done reading this article! Before diving into these unknown facts about termites, it's important what know what termites are. They are soft-bodied insects that seek shelter in wood and cellulose items at home. They can cause damage to walls and furniture; honestly, home repairs due to termites cost billions of dollars each year.

HiCare's top 8 unknown facts about termites:

1) They're good for the earth!

Yes, they say it's all a part of the ecosystem where every organism is meant for something. While they cause nothing but wreckage at home, termites can be good for the soil. They break down tough plant fibres. They also recycle dead and decaying trees and convert them into new soil, while also aerating the soil.

2) They eat each other's faeces

Yeah, it's probably the most disgusting fact about termites you're going to read on the internet today. But, it's true! They perform something called trophallaxis which helps them obtain microorganisms for their digestive tracts.

3) You can't see me!

No, we're not talking about WWE wrestler John Cena here. We're talking about this insane fact about termites that almost all of the worker/soldier termites are blind. In most termite species, these guys spend their lives in the nests, which are dark. Hence, there's no need to develop eyes.

4) They love head banging

When the termite colony or home is in danger, termite soldiers immediately sound the alarm to notify the entire colony. They turn into something you'd see at a heavy metal concert. They literally bang their heads against the tunnel walls to send vibrations right through.

5) Apparently, they're well-groomed too

Studies show that termites spend a lot of time grooming each other. You wouldn't expect that from insects that live within our homes. However, they are very hygienic insects and they do so to protect each other in the colony from diseases.

6) They make a good snack

Again, not the fact about termites that you were most looking forward to today, but it's true regardless. Eating termites can be highly nutritious as they are high in proteins, iron, calcium, fatty and amino acids. Bodybuilders? You know what to add to your diet now!

7) They don't sleep

Talk about hard work. Termites should be used as examples when it comes to hard work in the offices or in daily life. They never sleep because they work on their colonies 24x7. Every minute, every hour, every day and every week until they die. Wow!

8) Family secrets

Talking about reproduction rates, queens of some termite species can lay 15-25 eggs per minute. If we've calculated right, that could amount to 40,000 termite eggs a day. And an average termite queen could live up to 30-50 year, so we're looking at millions of eggs per queen!

Don't want them at home for sure!

Looking at those numbers in the last fact about termites, we surely don't want termites at home. Termites can cause your wooden furniture to look and feel papery and hollow, reducing its quality. The minute you spot such timber or tunnels in wood and doors, it's time to call the pest busters. HiCare is just a call away at 8828333888 and our termite treatment package is a bestseller, beginning at very competitive prices!