What A Mosquito-Free World Would Be Like? Take A Peek Here

A mention of mosquitoes can give a hard time to anyone. However, have you ever wondered what will happen if they disappear over the night? Learn about it here.

Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on the earth. Sounds strange, right? However, it is indeed a truth. The journal Nature , a British weekly scientific journal, suggests that nearly half of all humans who have lived during the past 50,000 years owe their death to this deadly insect and its capacity to transmit one particular disease: malaria. Even when the world was fighting a global pandemic, certain regions across the globe were struggling with malaria outbreaks.

According to the World Health Organization , the global response to the long-time threat of malaria has taken a hit as the coronavirus pandemic disrupted health services in many countries, leading to tens of thousands more deaths worldwide in 2020. The organization further added that in the 11 hardest-hit countries, India, annual cases of malaria grew by 13 million to 163 million between 2015 and 2020, and deaths rose more than 54,000 to nearly 445,000 annually as of last year.

Though we feel that mosquitoes are nothing but flying creatures with some annoying habit of buzzing and biting humans, the above-stated facts are frightening. Going by these facts, it won’t be wrong to say that a mosquito bite is the last thing anyone ever wants. Since there are numerous do-it-yourself remedies and over-the-counter products available on the internet as well as in the market, we collect everything that can save us from them.

On the other hand, have you ever wondered what would happen if mosquitoes disappeared from the world? Will it cause any damage to our ecosystem? Well, with that being said, in this comprehensive guide, you will get an answer to this query along with a peek into a mosquito-free world.

Interestingly, Curious Kid , a series by a network of not-for-profit media outlets publishing news stories and research reports online, came up with an answer for this query. While answering the question, the report of the series stated that though their disappearance can save approximately 500,000 lives across the globe, these creatures serve an important purpose.

It is quite a known fact that there are 3,500 species of mosquitoes. However, the lesser known part of this fact is that not all 3,500 species are a threat to humans. The report further added that of all these mosquito species, only the females of about 40 types are truly dangerous because they can pass on diseases that make people sick.

Coming back to the impact of the elimination of mosquitoes from the world on the ecosystem, there is a possibility that these insects could be another animal’s supper. However, none of the animals are solely dependent on mosquitoes. The report concluded that if all mosquitoes disappeared, many animals would have a lot less food.

On the other hand , it is also suggested that no species relies solely on them, other insects could flourish in their place, and it is speculated that most species would find alternatives to eat. However, the impact of the same on the small ecosystem is not studied yet.

The most it could do is change the diet of certain birds and animals, who consume mosquitoes to survive. With a little change and adjustment in the diet of those birds and animals, humans can live in a mosquito-free world comfortably.

Meanwhile, a website by the name of Science ABC has also supported that the complete elimination of mosquitoes wouldn’t have any long-term or extreme impacts on the environment. In its comprehensive write-up, the website mentioned one of the innovative methods scientists have been trying to eradicate mosquitoes.

Through this method, scientists are trying to make certain targeted changes in the genetic code of mosquitoes. These changes aim to target in such a way that mosquitoes produce more male offspring than female offspring.

As per the write-up, this technique includes the use of a specific enzyme that affects the X-chromosomes of mosquitoes during the production of sperm, which would result in the birth of more male offspring. It will further affect the capacity of certain harmful species of mosquitoes to make larger colonies which would be significantly curtailed.

As various ideas and experiments are in the talk that particularly targets the elimination of mosquitoes until then we have to live in a world where mosquitoes are a common problem; unless you live in Iceland.

As it is nearly impossible for the entire world’s population to fit in Iceland, we can only opt for various pest mosquito control methods to save ourselves and our loved ones from these deadly animals. While you can opt for mosquito repellent creams for the outdoors, keeping the windows and doors closed post 6 pm seems the only solution to eliminate them from your home.

However, you can keep the windows and doors of your home open even after the clock hits 6 pm if your home is protected by HiCare’s 3X Mosquito Control Plan, a plan that promises to give your home protection against mosquitoes for 90 days with just one service.

The key highlights of our scientifically-designed 3X Mosquito Plan are as follows:

  • The entire process is divided into three broad parts, that are Smart Air, Smart Water, and Smart Walls.
  • The plan follows an integrated pest management approach.
  • We install an automatic wall dispenser to repel flying mosquitoes to stand for “Smart Air”.
  • To make the walls of your home “Smart”, we use encapsulated wall spray treatment to kill hiding and resting mosquitoes
  • We apply an anti-larval treatment to kill mosquito eggs and prevent breeding to support our “Smart Water” vision.
  • Every chemical and product used in the process is 100% safe for kids, elder people, and pets. Plus, we use 4X less chemicals in the treatment.
  • Moreover, our pest control service is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Until scientists find a way to eliminate these flying beasts, it is our responsibility to save our loved ones from their bites. Hire HiCare as your pest management partner, and opt for a treatment that provides a 360-degree solution to one of the most common enemies of Indian households – Mosquitoes!

What A Mosquito-Free World Would Be Like? Take A Peek Here

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