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top things you need to know about termites

Learn more about why you would need to conduct pest control for termites . Book Termite Control Services by HiCare and keep your house and furnishings safe from these crawlies.

Termites have existed since the beginning of time. The earliest known termite fossil in existence dates back to about 130 million years ago. They are wood-eating insects that can cause harm to properties. There are over a thousand different species of termites.

Unfortunately, they exist in all kinds of environments and are present all over the world. Although they prefer hot and humid conditions, many species have evolved to thrive in colder regions without any problems by eating away wooden structures and foundations across the globe.

Fun fact: if you heaped all the termites of the world together, it would weigh more than if you did the same with all the people on the planet. There may be 1,000 pounds of termites for every individual, according to some estimates.

They are eusocial insects. This means that they show an advanced level of social organization. In this regard, a single female or caste produces offspring and non-reproductive termites collaborate in caring for the young. This female is generally regarded as the queen of the colony. This queen is said to live the longest.

Let us understand the description, identification, social order and specific behavioural patterns of these species to figure out why you would need to conduct pest control for termites.

Physical Characteristics –

Typically, a termite measures 4 millimetres to 15 millimetres long. Queen termites( that produce offspring) are the largest, and they are often more than 10 centimetres long. Termites are brown, red, black or white, depending on the geographical location and the species. They have a shell-like covering over their organs.

Social Order in Termites –

They work as a colony with a particular caste system. There are three castes that work in tandem in the termite colony. They are workers, soldiers and flying termites. Each caste has different physical attributes that enable it to carry out its duties. Even though they are members of the same species, various castes might have very diverse appearances. The worst part is despite all this, the termite colonies are not easy to spot. Only an expert who does pest control for termites would be able to identify the location of these sly insects.

Communication in Termites-

When termites are within their nest, they can communicate. They use pheromones and vibrations to accomplish this. This allows them to recognise other colony members and determine which caste they belong to. Termites hammer their heads together to create vibrations. This is the sound you can sometimes hear from inside your walls if your house is infested with termites. If you just had an epiphany now, call upon the termite control services providers and exterminate them as soon as possible.

Sleep and Feeding Patterns –

Termites are one of the most hardworking species on the face of the earth. We say this because they do not even take a nap. Every day of their lives, the insects work 24 hours a day. They feed, keep their queen happy and safe, and build their nests throughout this time. Because the bugs never stop feeding, they can consume a considerable amount of wood. They can eat furnishings that could easily fill a whole football field in a year. Imagine the damage they can cause to your precious property. To avoid it, you must take termite control services at the earliest.

Breeding Behaviours –

Thousands of king and queen termites swarm in quest of a mate. They execute a brief courtship dance and establish a separate colony when they discover one. Once the queen is fertilised and ready to lay eggs, the male termite assists in the construction of the nest. A queen termite can lay anything from one hundred to several thousand eggs every day in her first year of life. This gives us an idea as to how horrific the turn of events could be if pest control for termites is not done at the right time.

Now that we have elaborated on the characteristics of the silent destroyers, we shall delve into the best pest control for termites solution there is in India. With three decades of experience in dealing with termites or “deemak” as they are popularly called, we have developed a holistic solution.

Our 3X Termite control services are your best bet for getting rid of termites. Let us explain why we say this with so much conviction by giving you a brief understanding of what we do when we conduct pest control for termites.

DRILL – Small holes are drilled at the skirting level of the walls to reach the breeding sites of the termites.

FILL – Termin 8, a termite killing solution specifically made to eradicate them is filled into these holes using a syringe.

SEAL – The holes are then filled with white cement to prevent further infestation into your home.

Call 8828333888 or visit to book termite control services by HiCare and keep your house and furnishings safe from these crawlies.

Top things you need to know about termites | HiCare

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