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top reasons why termite pest control is important

Termite is the name given to the group of cellulose-eating insects, the social structure of which shows extraordinary parallels with those of ants and bees, although it has developed independently. Even though termites are not scientifically related to ants, they are occasionally referred to as white ants. In the Indian context, the more popularised term for termites is ‘deemak’.

Reasons of Termite Pest Control

Termites are one of the most hazardous kinds of pest infestations that residences and commercial spaces can get. They do not sting, bite, contaminate your food supply, spread diseases or cause allergies like some other types of pests (rodents, mosquitoes, cockroaches etc.) but termites are one of the only pests that are harmful to your property and damage the structure of your home inside out.

They generally spend their time under your house and inside the walls making it impossible to detect their signs of activity. You won’t see them running haywire in your homes like other pests. This would sound like a good thing but if you think about it properly, this means you would not know of their presence at all. The situation wherein you are unaware of their presence is even worse. If you aren’t mindful of their signs of infestation, then by the time you see evidence of termite damage inside of the house, it is likely to be very extensive.

They work slyly and behind the scenes eating away at the wood of your house. Deterioration caused to this type of wood that supports your house structure can lead to major foundation issues, cracked walls, ill closing doors and windows and a whole host of other issues. The cost to repair termite-caused damage to the structural elements of your home can become higher than you would expect within no time. It’s better to spend on pest control services for termites than to spend on rebuilding your homes.

This capability for expensive devastation makes termites a very real threat to your house. Once termites have infested your home or commercial space, they can be extremely difficult to eradicate.

Another thing to note is that termites are not the kind of pests that can be tackled by simple measures. Their behaviours are complex and their colonies are inaccessible to a layman. It would take real expertise to get to the roots of the infestation and proper knowledge about their behaviours and techniques of pest control services for termites to be able to eliminate them and keep them away for a long period of time.

HiCare: Best Termite Control Service Company

If you plan on relying on the search engines answers on some local termite treatment near me solutions, home tips or highly marketing so-called termite repellent products to keep your spaces termite-free, you are setting yourself up for major disappointment. No readily available product in the market will give you the promising results you need. In fact, you would just be wasting your resources- your time, your money and your efforts to get no results whatsoever.

At HiCare, we have realised that pest control services for termites are something everyone should take up in order to maintain the integrity of their house. There is no point in suffering from the losses you would incur as an ill-effect of their infestation.

As the hygiene experts of HiCare, we recommend that you avail of our free termite inspection service so we can visit your space, carefully look for the signs of infestation, ask you a few questions as part of the consultation, and further help with your termite problem by offering our well-researched 3x Termite control service in case you need it.

Three Steps of HiCare 3x termite control service:

  • Drill: Holes of Diameter of 1.2cm are drilled in the walls of the house at the skirting level – 1-foot distance
  • Fill: TERMIN-8 solution is filled in these holes which control the termites inside the house as well as the colony
  • Seal: Holes are then sealed with white cement to prevent re-entry of the invisible crawlies.


Don’t wait for it to be too late! Call up 08828333888 or visit HiCare at the earliest without googling for termite treatment near me. Let our experts do what they are best at doing – providing you with safe pest-free homes, after every service. The most amazing part is that our pest control services for termites are warranty backed so you can leave all your post-service worries behind.

Top Reasons Why Termite Pest Control is Important | HiCare

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