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Home Cleaning can be a struggle during summer. Here are some tips and tricks for deep cleaning with ease | HiCare

Being a member of an Indian household, we all are well aware that festivals like Diwali, Eid, and Christmas, are not just about new clothes and firecrackers. Deep cleaning of our house is an integral part of the celebration of these festivals. However, home cleaning once a year is not enough. As the summer of 2022 is approaching, we have a couple of tips and tricks you can try during home cleaning for this humid season.

Like you, many of us want to start with the deep cleaning of the house this summer season but don’t know where to start. That’s when this compiled list of simple summer cleaning tips comes to your rescue. Scroll down to take a look:

Clean your air conditioner first:

The pros will take care of all laborious home Deep Cleaning Services. Meanwhile, tick all the boxes of your home cleaning checklist. A well-maintained air conditioner will give you relaxed and chilled afternoons and nights. To clean the filter clogged up with dust, use warm soapy water or a vacuum cleaner.

Make your fans spotless:

Dusty fans can trigger summer allergies. Without proper cleaning, fans spread dust and pollen while rotating. During the fan cleaning, change the direction of the blades to counterclockwise. This trick pushes the cold air down, saving you energy costs by making your air conditioner more effective.

De-clutter the fridge:

After ac and fans, the next on the deep cleaning checklist of the home should be your refrigerator. Clean out your fridge, rinse down the surfaces with gentle antibacterial soap, and throw out any expired or mouldy products in it.

Swab the drain and garbage disposal

In the Indian summer months, food rots quickly, and smells tend to decay more easily. It’s essential to clean out your drain and garbage disposal to ensure no food is stuck and causing unpleasant odours in the humidity of the summer. Naturally, clean your drain without sticking your hands in the garbage disposal. Pour some baking soda followed by vinegar into your drain. Let it bubble for five minutes, and then rinse with boiling water. Repeat this every two weeks or as necessary.

Repair the leak:

This is important during the summer months because we use your hose and outdoor taps more often. An undiscovered leak leads to a lot of wastage of water. Spare some time to inspect your hose and faucets for leaks and dampness. Make a quick fix with water-proof gardening tape if you discover any leaky spots.

The above-listed summer maintenance tasks are a bit time-consuming and challenging. On the other hand, they also encourage you to take care of your home in the summer and help set you up for a more relaxing summer overall.

However, we understand if you’d rather not spend your vacation doing cleaning chores – call us for a recurring clean to keep your house sparkling and prevent any summertime mould or bugs. Our home Deep Cleaning Services are available in various states of India. We stand a chance to provide Deep Cleaning Services Mumbai or Deep Cleaning Services Bangalore or anywhere in India for that matter.

If you have been looking for home Deep Cleaning Services on the internet lately, you can check out the details of HiCare’s Deep Cleaning Services. If the key features and the charges align with your vision and fit in your budget, we would be more than happy to assist you with booking a service slot with us and joining your team for the summer maintenance of your home. Here is a brief overview of some of the highlights of HiCare’s Deep Cleaning Services; take a look:

The three-step home cleaning service of HiCare starts with a thorough inspection of our clients’ homes along with customer consultation.

The one-time service takes up to 6-7 hours, depending on the home structure and size of our customer’s property.

Here’s what we offer in each step of our home Deep Cleaning Service:

First: Dry Dusting / Vacuuming of walls, ceilings, and furniture.

Second: Externally wet wiping of windows, glasses, furniture, and cabinets along with scrubbing of the floor only (Sofa seats and side and top walls not included).

Third: Wet Vacuuming to extract moisture.

Why HiCare?

Undoubtedly, there are numerous Deep Cleaning Services Mumbai available, but what makes us different from the rest is our experience and expertise. HiCare has a legacy of 16 years in the hygiene solution industry. With 500+ trained experts, we have served more than a million residential and commercial spaces in various states of India.

We are the first of our kind as we are the first and only hygiene solution company in India functioning entirely digitally. From booking a service slot with us to making the payments, we have adapted all the latest technology. However, you can contact us via a call and make payment in cash as well.

In the challenging time of the Coronavirus outbreak, our trained professionals strictly follow all the Covid-19 protocols. HiCare provides a 3-Line of Defense to our partners to avoid any adverse effect of Corona or any other virus or bacteria that could be a threat for either them or our customer.

Meanwhile, we also make sure that our customers are satisfied with our service for which they are paying their hard-earned money. As a brownie point, we offer an additional discount of 5% for online payments. Also, we don’t follow the universal-charge protocol. Two factors will decide the amount that will be charged to you for our Deep Cleaning Services Bangalore, Mumbai, or anywhere in India. First, the size of your property; second, the type of service you want.

All you have to do is head to HiCare’s official website and select the service of your choice. Fill in the personal details and hit the “Book Now” or “Call Back” prompt. Serve the responsibility of summer home maintenance to HiCare’s table while keeping your home working, air conditioning pumping, and you relax without worrying about living in a mess.

Tips for Deep Cleaning during summer | HiCare

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