The Most Bed Bug Infested Cities Of 2017

Find out the bedbug infested cities in India. The hot & humid climate coupled with seasonal rainfalls has been a catalyst in the rapid increase of bedbugs.

The sub-tropical climate of India provides an ideal environment for the growth and the development of the bed bugs. Hot and humid climate coupled with seasonal rainfalls has been a catalyst in the rapid increase of bedbugs in India. These pesky little creatures are expert hitchhikers as they tag onto the clothes or luggage while travelling around. Hence apart from the metro cities, the typical tourist locations have also started to come under the category of bedbug infested cities in the past decade.

The National Capital Region of New Delhi over the years has seen a sudden upsurge in the number of Bedbug cases. This is followed by the other metro cities of the country. In fact in NCR, in terms of request for services concerning pest control, Gurgaon claimed a higher share than Delhi.

The reason for such a huge upsurge has largely been the increase in the number of frequent travellers. Because they pour into the cities for education and employment.

For a majority of citizens in smaller towns, the metropolitan counterparts have been an important destination for a lot of factors. Their repeated travels to and fro the city has only increased the likelihoods of bed bug infestations.

Hicare’s Engineers and researchers have collated the list of most bedbug infested cities from highest number of bedbug cases to the lowest.

  1. New Delhi, National Capital Region
  2. Mumbai, Maharashtra
  3. Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  4. Bangalore, Karnataka
  5. Kolkata, West Bengal
  6. Pune, Maharashtra

In Mumbai in 2017, Hicare saw the most increase in the demand for Bug control service. We have seen a rise in demand for Pest Control Chembur, for pest control Borivali and for pest control Mulund. To tackle Bedbug infestation Hicare witnessed numerous requests for Pest Control in Ghatkopar, Pest Control Powai, and Pest control Andheri. This is mainly due to their close proximity from the airport. Bedbugs are found in the planes in higher numbers as well. Other locations in suburban Mumbai where our business rose was for pest control in Bandra and for Pest control in Dadar. Both were an important destination for long distance trains.

Apart from the metro cities, the other places which see an influx of bed bug infestations are tourist places. This is due to a lot of tourists who pour in from all over the world. In touristy towns, places like hotels, restaurants, libraries, theatres and public transports and other public areas are an easy target. The Pesky Bloodsuckers are not only present in guesthouses and motels but expensive and lavish hotels as well.

Here is the list of the of top 10 major tourist towns that are bedbug infested cities:

  1. Mysore, Karnataka
  2. Matheran, Maharashtra
  3. Jaipur, Rajasthan
  4. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
  5. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
  6. Hyderabad, Telangana
  7. Kochi, Kerela
  8. Lonavala, Maharashtra
  9. Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  10. Munnar, Kerela

Bedbugs apart from being expert hitchhikers are good at hiding as well. A regular citizen won’t realize the presence of bedbugs until it becomes too late to control their infestation.

If you are suspicious about bedbugs in your house or your restaurant or even in your hotel, call Hicare’s bed bug control service immediately. A foremost brand in the industry, Hicare has a good reputation in major metropolitans for Pest Control Mumbai, Pest Control Bangalore and Pest control Delhi.

With a presence in other cities as well for Pest Control Pune, Pest Control Chennai and Pest Control Kolkata, Hicare has grown to be a premier brand in the country.

We are also present in towns for Pest Control Ahmedabad and Pest control Jaipur and all other tourist destinations. Proud to have our presence Pan India, Our technicians are few of the well informed and well-experienced experts in the industry. Just call 080-46809272 to avail our service or visit to know more about Bedbug control services.

The Most Bed Bug Infested Cities Of 2017

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