How much does bed bug treatment cost in India?

how much does bed bug treatment cost in india

‘Itchy, scratchy and oh, so red. That’s what effect they have on us, on our very own bed. They don’t spare you, not at all. Sucking blood from your hands, legs and even your head.’ Now we’ve made this sound rhyming and a little fun, but trust us, a bed bug issue will only want to make you run. Those who’ve witnessed this issue can tell you that a bed bug infestation is the last thing you want in your homes. It’s not unheard of to have this issue, especially in homes where members travel a lot.

Bugs are common in hotel rooms and other accommodations, wherein they travel with you along with your bags. Soon, they’re in your homes. Now a bed bug issue is something that’s different from every other pest. These guys are small, tough to find and they can occupy every single crack and crevice in your beds and other furniture. What’s worse is that these parasites suck the blood out of you while asleep, causing red, itchy and swollen skin all over. As they are difficult to spot, a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solution is completely thrown out of the window. This brings in your one and only option – pest control. It’s a tedious task to get rid of bed bugs so you may often ask yourself what bed bug treatment costs could be like in India. Fear not, we’re here to help.

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7 Factors that affect Bed bugs treatment cost in India

  1. Pest control provider
  2. City/region
  3. Chemicals used by pest controller
  4. Level of infestation
  5. Type of service
  6. Number of services required
  7. Additional assurance/warranty

While plenty of pest control services or so-called ‘pest busters’ exist in the market, only a few can actually be trusted. Only a couple use reputed Bayer chemicals as HiCare does. HiCare is one of the only providers in India to have complete licensing and certification from the Indian government. And it’s your lucky day because they are masters in the getting rid of bed bugs! Remember one thing. The cost to get rid of bed bugs can never be too high. It’s something that you just need to get done. That being said, HiCare’s bed bug exterminator cost isn’t too high anyway. What’s the point of being the best pest control brand in the country if you’re too expensive for people to purchase? Our bed bug treatment cost begins at an economical price of just INR 3,690.

Furthermore, EMI options are available and you can avail another 20% discount by using the code “HICARE20” on all online payments. Impressive, right? That’s not it. All after-service queries and complaints are dealt with by our technicians, at NO EXTRA COST. Did you ever believe that the bed bug removal costs could be so low?

HiCare Bed Bugs Treatment Process?

Give us a call at 8828333888 or book service on HiCare. Alternately, you can book services using your Echo Dot devices, saying, “Alexa, Open HiCare.”

  • Our experts do a thorough inspection to know all the bed bug hiding spots.
  • They inject these spots with advanced chemicals.
  • A mild-odour spray is applied for the treatment.
  • A second round is done after 15 days, as bed bug eggs cannot be destroyed. They must be sprayed again after hatching.

With a look at HiCare’s services and their prices, you now have an idea of bed bug control costs in India. Moreover, it’s our guarantee that while our service is the best, we are priced very competitively when compared to the average cost of bed bug treatment across the country. HiCare is India’s most trusted pest control brand, covering hundreds of cities across the country.

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Established in 2004, HiCare is India’s leading pest control provider for residential and commercial pest control for Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Wood Borers, Termites, Bird Netting and others, including home cleaning services and other home hygiene solutions.

How much does bed bug treatment cost in India?

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