Termites - symptoms and causes and all you need to know!

For those who don't know what termites are, they are pale, soft-bodied insects that thrive in moist cellulose areas. They can be a major threat to plants, trees and timber in our homes. Today, we'll take you through the symptoms of termites as well as the cause for their growth within our homes or elsewhere.

Symptoms of termites

1) Head-banging:

No, this isn't to rock music or heavy metal as you may have though. Put your ears close to the walls or wooden furniture and you may hear a peculiar noise. This is called headbanging when the worker termites bang their heads against the wood to signal to the colony that they are in danger.

2) Papery or hollow timber:

Termites usually eat up your wood from inside out. This means that it will be left hollow from within with only a coat of paint or a thin layer of wood left on the outside. Knock on these areas and if you get a hollow or papery noise, you know you have termites at home!

3) Hard to open doors and windows:

Termites create moisture while tunnelling through door and window frames. This causes the wood to warp and makes doors and windows rigid, making it tough to open or close the same.

4) Frass:

Termites leave their droppings called frass and if you notice this around the place, you know you have guests. Subterranean termites use their faeces to build tunnels while dry wood termites leave their droppings at the start of their tunnels, leaving a dark powdery substance around the area they are infesting.

5) Tunnels in wood, walls:

Also known as galleries, termites create tunnels to move around within the infested area. These tunnels are sometimes hard to spot with the naked eye but if you look closely in gaps in timber, you will notice these tunnels. That's when you know you have a problem!

Causes of termites growth

1) Moisture:

This is undoubtedly the biggest cause of the growth of termite colonies in your household. This includes leaky taps, broken roof tiles, garden mulch, doors and windows, cardboard and other cellulose items, and all wood and timber furniture at home. Avoiding moisture at home is the best preventive measure of termites.

2) Wooden structures that lead to your home:

If you have any wood or cellulose items immediately near your house, push them a bit further out. These act as bridges between termites outdoors and your home.

3) Geographical location:

Homeowners in warmer and wetter states or regions are more likely to be susceptible to termites breeding at home, only because of the climate of the region.

4) Cracks in walls and other exteriors:

As we mentioned above, broken roof tiles can lead to water seeping in and thus a nice home for termites. Similarly, all cracks and holes in your walls are entry points for termites. The best way to avoid this is to seal and caulk up such holes which will kill existing termites in the cracks, as well as not allow the entry of new colonies or termites.

Getting termite pest control:

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