Understanding the Process of Bed Bug Pest Control Treatment

process of bed bug pest control treatment

Bed Bugs are small insects that don’t grow much bigger than an apple seed and that makes it even more difficult for our naked eye to see them and act against them. They are parasites that survive on human blood. They find their shelter in sofas, beds, and mattresses at home and attack us at night when we are sleeping. They can cause havoc to humans and their sleep cycles. So it is important to understand that bed bugs are an essential issue that needs to be addressed.

If you don’t take due action against them they can make your life miserable by biting you at night. Their bite causes itching that leads to severe scratching that increases the chances of secondary skin infection. Their negative effects on the skin also include allergic disorders. You might not be able to sleep because of the annoyance they create. This may hamper your performance while doing day-to-day activities.

Having bed bugs in your house causes a great risk to the beautiful furniture at your place since they hide in small gaps. Their hiding spots are tough to find because the only time they come out of those cracks is at night. They eat your furniture and reduce its quality which decreases the years it will sustain. This will force you to change the furniture every two or three years. However, it won’t be a permanent solution because the bed bugs can easily infect the new furniture as well.

Considering the above scenarios, it becomes more than necessary to opt for professional bed bug treatment. The professional service will act against them in a way that they won’t appear again. Before you go ahead with opting for any bed bug treatment it is important to understand a few things before that.

Don’t Try DIY Methods for Bed Bugs

It is simpler to get rid of pests such as cockroaches and mosquitoes because they are clearly visible to our eyes. Hence it becomes easy to act against them. As for bed bugs, you can never tell as they are as small as a speck of dust. It is definitely more difficult to gauge how many there are in total. Since they’re tiny it is simpler for them to find perfect hiding spots in the small crack and creeps of your furniture.

You might possibly want to try a natural remedy. However, before you go ahead just remember, female bed bugs can lay up to hundreds of eggs in a lifetime, so the possibilities of multiplication of your problem are very high. While DIY methods may work for repelling mosquitoes or cockroaches, it’s best to look for professional help when it comes to bed bug pest control.

Hiding Places

Bed bugs make great use of their small and flattened bodies, they are able to use the smallest of places to find shelter. It will be tough for a layman to find those hiding spots. Therefore, taking help from professional services is the best way to deal with them. Since they will first identify their hiding places like mattresses, bed frames, cupboards, etc. Then they examine those places and accordingly plan their scheme of action.


One of the worst parts of having a bed bug infestation is that they spread at lightning speed. While they may begin at your mattress, they will soon spread to your complete bedroom, store rooms and also other parts of your house. When you have a bed bug infestation, you should inform the neighbours as it can also spread to their apartment. This is also a major reason why professional help is required for bed bug treatment.

HiCare Bed Bug Treatment

Understanding pest control for bed bugs is imperative so that you know the risks involved. The bed bugs treatment will not be a one-time thing as their eggs cannot be destroyed on the first service. Once hatched, the newly born bugs will have to be killed separately. Think twice before hiring a pest control professional who says one service is enough.

HiCare is the best brand providing pest control for bed bugs. Here’s the procedure we follow to make your house bed bug free:

  1. Inspection: On the initial visit, our team of experts will inspect your place and find hiding spots for bed bugs. This information will help us to know the areas in which they reside and the potential areas of threat too.
  2. Applying Chemicals: All the chemicals used by us are Government and Central Insecticides Board approved. They are of the highest quality that ensures the safety of you and your family. Our team injects mild odour spray at those places.
  3. Second Round: The spray is unable to kill bed bug eggs. Thus, the second round of pest control services is done 15 days after the initial service. This ensures the newly hatched bugs are killed.
  4. Warranties: Depending on the type of package you select, HiCare provides a 45-day or 90-day protection period depending on the bed bugs treatment selected. You can also purchase an additional 1-year assurance for 365-day protection at a reasonable price.


HiCare is one of the most experienced companies in the business right now. We have provided our service in more than 30 cities to over 1 million clients. We have a team of 500 plus verified experts. They are thorough professionals who are masters at their work. So if you want an inspection of your place do give us a call at 8828333888. To book our services you can easily do that from our website.

Understanding the Process of Bed Bug Pest Control Treatment

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