What are Bed Bugs? Bedbugs Symptoms and Causes

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Learn everything about bed bug bites symptoms & the root causes of bed bug growth at home. Avoid bed bug bites with Bedbug treatment service from Hicare!

What Are Bed Bugs?

We often hear about deadly diseases that insects can cause to human beings, but there are some who pose no health hazard while still being a major nuisance. One such creature is a bedbug, which grows from the size of barely being visible to the maximum of an apple seed size. However, bed bugs bites can cause irritation, frustration, sleepless nights and a whole world of problems to homeowners who have bed bug problems. Today we’ll walk you through the symptoms of bedbug bites and how to go about taking care of these issues. We’ll also talk about the causes of bedbug growth at home, and how we can avoid these pests altogether. Ultimately, bed bugs bites are just itching and a little loss of blood, but the sleepless nights can drive you insane.

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Top 4 Bed Bugs Symptoms of Bites

  1. Red and swollen skin: But obviously, you are bound to get a reddish patch of skin which swells up if anyone sucks some blood out of you. Similarly, one biggest symptom of bedbug bites is waking up to finding such marks on your body.
  2. In a cluster or line: These marks are often in line as bed bugs are small and take time to travel. By the time you’ve noticed, they would’ve struck a few times in a certain area on your body.
  3. Itchy: This goes without saying that these bites will leave you itching and scratching. In fact, this is the reason that won’t allow you a peaceful sleep at night.
  4. Don’t expect to find the culprits: When you feel the bite, you won’t find the bed bugs at the spot on most occasions. This is because bed bugs excrete a small amount of an anaesthetic substance while biting you.

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What Causes Bed Bugs at Home?

  1. Hotels/motels: This is the most widely acknowledged destination for bed bugs from across the world. Those who are involved in frequent international/regional travel are asked to check baggage thoroughly before heading back home. Bed bugs from these locations hitch onto suitcases and make the travel to your homes.
  2. Public transport: Using public buses, trains, taxis or other means of transport? Don’t let them hitch on from here as this is one of the most common places to catch bed bugs.
  3. Workspaces: Don’t let a neat and tidy office fool you. A majority of bed bug cases originate from a few that were brought home from the office. Just like they say don’t bring work home, don’t bring pests from the workplace home either!
  4. Furniture: Ever bought roadside or second-hand furniture? Please thoroughly check for all sign of bed bugs. Because completing the purchase and bringing home the biggest potential problem your house has faced.

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Now you know most of the common places from where bed bugs can come home. You also know the signs to watch out for when they’ve already settled at home. Unlike many fables and myths, bed bugs and bed bug bites don’t originate from untidy homes. But it’s still always better to maintain the top level of cleanliness at home. Remember, a clean home is a healthy home. If you are suffering from a bed bug issue, it’s always better to control it immediately.

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What are Bed Bugs? Bedbugs Symptoms and Causes

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