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You may have heard that insects cause some deadly diseases to human beings. Ants, cockroaches, bugs are such creatures which are not really hazardous for a human body, but there is no argument that these insects are a major nuisance. Today, we talk about bed bug bite treatment and how to get rid of bed bugs. As well as symptoms of its bites and how they ruin things once they enter homes, workspace or any mode of transportation.

Bed bugs are small, reddish-brown coloured insects that usually cause an allergic reaction or a skin reaction in some people. As these insects are about the size of an apple seed, they can hide in the cracks and crevices of bed, headboards, box springs, bed frames and other objects around a bed. If you spend time in hotels, hospitals or shelters, there is a higher risk of running into a bedbug at nighttime. The bites can cause problems like frustration, irritation and sleepless nights to the homeowners. Some bed bug bite symptoms include itching and a burning sensation. Any one with bed bugs in their home can go insane with the sleepless nights.

Bed bug bite symptoms

Surprisingly, it takes a few days to notice the symptoms of bedbug bites. Some people never develop noticeable bed bug bite symptoms. Then how can one come to know there are bedbugs in the house or you have been bitten by a bed bug? Let's find out!

  • Itchy: Most people who are bitten by bed bugs experience itchiness. There would be a certain degree of discomfort and a burning painful sensation. The itching and scratching would be the reason one can not enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.
  • Red and swollen skin : A person that has been bitten by a bug would wake up with some marks on his body. It is very obvious that if blood is sucked out of the body, he/she is bound to get a reddish patch on the skin due to the swelling. Also, the scratching leads to reddening of the skin. As the surface of the skin is being compromised, the body is likely to have infection.
  • Arranged in a rough line or a cluster: Unlike some other insects that leave bites here and there, bed bugs tend to follow a pattern and leave straight rows of bites on the body. The reason for this pattern is that bed bugs are so tiny that it takes time for them to travel leaving a mark of a line on the skin. By the time you’ve noticed the mark, they would’ve gone further and struck a few times on your body.
  • No trace of the culprits: One cannot expect to find the bedbugs after it bites. The bugs leave no spots on most occasions, which means the person can feel the bite but won’t find the evidence of bed bugs around it. The reason behind this is- the bed bugs excrete a tiny amount of anesthetic before feeding on people, which makes no pain or sensations when it bites people.
  • Health Effects : Besides the above mentioned points, there are more serious symptoms which are developed by a very few people. These reactions require medical attention.
  1. Difficulty BreathingBlisters
  2. Fever
  3. Feeling Nauseous
  4. Swollen Tongue
  5. Irregular Heartbeat
Causes of bed bugs at home

  • Furniture: When you buy any roadside or second hand furniture, you might experience the arrival of bed bugs in your homes. Every buyer is advised to check thoroughly for all the signs of the bugs crawling over the furniture and later, over to your house. Purchasing this kind of furniture can be the biggest potential problem a house can face.
  • Hotels/motels: Hotels are the places that come in contact with frequent guests through international/regional travel. This makes the hotels a widely acknowledged destination for bed bugs. While returning home, check your baggage for any kind of bugs as these bugs climb in your suitcase and travel safely to your home.
  • Workspaces: You might be fooled by a neat and clean office. But the truth is - a majority of bed bugs emerge from the office premises and are brought home. As it is rightly said that don’t bring work home, let’s also believe that don’t bring pests from the workplace either.
  • Public Transport: Traveling in public transport is preferable to avoid the issues that tag along with private transport. One thing that might be annoying in public transport is bed bugs. Public buses, trains, taxis or other means of transport are one of the most common places to catch bed bugs.
How to get rid of bed bugs

Now as you know the common places from where the bed bugs travel to your home, you can take steps to avoid its arrival at your destination. Watch out for the signs if they have already been to your home and settled at the corners and cracks. One such myth that is absolutely true is that bed bugs originate from untidy homes. But it is always appropriate to maintain high levels of cleanliness at home with the help of bed bug pest control. Not to mention, a clean home is a healthy home. Even if the tiny creatures have already entered your home, it is better to control them immediately.

Since no homemade method can help you solve a problem like this, you can always trust HiCare’s pest control service . Make a quick call to HiCare at 8828333888 for your bed bug treatment . With this you can enjoy a peaceful night without the bed bug bites.