8 Smells That Termites Hate

smells that termites hate

Smell is one of the five senses used by humans, but do you know that even bugs like termites are smell-sensitive? Several people want termite control at home, and this problem can be controlled to some extent if you know about some aromatic organic ingredients that can keep them at bay.

This post will help you identify 8 smells that termites hate so that you can use them to keep these bugs at bay. Besides, we will also talk about the benefits of booking termite pest control services for your home.

Smells That Termites Hate

Book Termite Treatment for Home from HiCare

Frankly speaking, you need not bother about what attracts termites and what repels them. You can simply choose experts from HiCare, a leading pest control company in India to deal with termite infestation at home.

The Drill-Fill-Seal termite treatment from HiCare is conducted in three essential steps for the complete removal of these tiny bugs from your house. The highly trained experts of HiCare use powerful yet safe termite killers in this treatment to remove these silent destroyers infested in your wood, walls, and floor.

Benefits of Booking HiCare Termite Pest Control

Not sure why to book a termite treatment at home. Here is the list of benefits you can reap by booking a termite pest control from experts like HiCare:

  1. Hassle-free and Safe Treatment: Forget about indulging in cumbersome DIY termite control methods when you can easily opt for hassle-free and safe termite treatments from HiCare. The trained HiCare team will flawlessly conduct such pest treatments.
  2. Complete Termite Detection and Eradication: If you book termite treatment from HiCare, you get a holistic approach to dealing with termites. The team will first detect these pests at all the vulnerable spots and then eradicate them using 100% safe chemicals and methods.
  3. Time and Money Saving Solution: Unlike DIY termite control, a professional treatment helps save both time and money. You know you will get guaranteed results through these experts and save money that goes wasted on repairing damages caused by termites.
  4. Complete Peace of Mind: The ultimate benefit of booking a termite pest control treatment from HiCare is that you will get complete peace of mind. Your house will feel like only yours and not like a house of termites.

What Smells Do Termites Hate?

If you think that only mosquitoes are smell-sensitive bugs, then think again! You have termites too that hate certain smells. So, let us check 8 smells termites hate and can be used in a powerful termite repellent:

  1. Garlic: Believe it or not, garlic with its pungent smell is the number one natural insect repellent, and termites also can’t tolerate its smell. Try planting some garlic plants in your garden to keep termites at bay.
  2. Cloves: Just like garlic, clove oil is a tested anti-termite natural ingredient. Its powerful fumigant properties and spicy aroma can safely act against termites. Termites can never tolerate the clove smell. 
  3. Lemongrass: The flavorful smell of lemongrass disgusts termites. Growing a lemongrass plant in the garden will surely help keep termites away from your home and will add to the beauty of your garden too. 
  4. Rosemary: Belonging to the mint family, the Rosemary plant and its oil act as a powerful natural termite repellent. The smell emitted by Rosemary is fragrant, but somehow the termites hate it.
  5. Tea-Tree Oil: Best known for its aromatic bark, leaves, and oil, the Tea-Tree plant is widely used for its therapeutic properties. Use Tea-Tree Oil to minimize the risk of termite infestation at home. 
  6. Cedarwood: Although termites are fond of wood, they hate being around cedarwood. The main reason for this hatred is the presence of allelochemicals found in the cedar oil that helps to repel termites.
  7. Dill Weeds: If you are fond of dill pickles and beans, you will be shocked to know that termites hate dill weeds. You can, therefore, opt to use dill weeds as natural termite repellents.
  8. Geranium: The scent emitted by Geranium is appealing to humans, but not to termites. It helps in repelling not just termites, but ladybugs, centipedes, spiders, and many more pests too. The geranium smell can help you control termites in an easy-peasy way.


HiCare offers not just efficient termite control services, but all other in-demand pest control services. You can seek their expertise to turn your house into a pest-free zone and also to learn how to prevent bugs like termites in the future.

With a strong belief in “Less is More”, HiCare uses minimum chemicals and safe techniques to detect, remove and prevent termites, cockroaches, rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and wood borers. Most of the services offered by the company are warranty-backed and fulfill the claims.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. What are termites and why are they considered pests?

Termites are social insects that feed on cellulose-based materials like wood. They are considered pests because they can cause significant damage to buildings and wooden structures.

2. What signs indicate a termite infestation?

Some common signs of a termite infestation include mud tubes on walls or foundation, discarded termite wings, damaged or hollow-sounding wood, and tiny wood-colored droppings near wooden structures.

3. What are some common smells that termites hate?

Termites dislike certain odors that act as repellents to them. Some of the common smells they hate include orange oil, neem oil, garlic, cinnamon, vinegar, mint, and citrus.

4. What are the benefits of using smells that termites hate as a termite control method?

Using smells that termites hate, such as orange oil, neem oil, garlic, cinnamon, and others, can serve as a natural and eco-friendly way to repel termites. It provides a non-toxic alternative to chemical pesticides.

5. How often should I apply these smells to maintain their effectiveness?

The frequency of application depends on the specific repellent used and the level of termite activity. In general, it's recommended to reapply these smells every few weeks for optimal results.

8 Smells That Termites Hate

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