Reasons to choose professional pest control over traditional DIY methods

Get top 5 reasons to choose professional pest control over DIY methods. Also, understand the advantages of professional pest control at Hicare.

What is DIY?

Why employ a professional when you can do it yourself? DIY literally means Do it Yourself. With the advent of the internet, smartphones, and websites like Google and YouTube, DIY has become extremely popular. Self-education has become famous and people look for DIY solutions to almost every problem.

Who are professionals?

A professional is the opposite of a beginner or an amateur. A professional is one who has dedicated his life to that particular task or service. Clearly, he/she/they will have expertise in this particular field as compared to others. The quality of work provided by a professional will always be much higher than what we can do through DIY methods.

Pest control – Why professionals over DIY?

  • Some Reasons to Choose Professional Pest Control over DIY

While it is great to learn new techniques in every field, sometimes it’s best to call the experts. Today, we’re going to discuss pest control services and why we should call pest controllers rather than ‘doing it yourself’. Sure, you’ll save a little money, but are you getting rid of the pests for good? Or are you sacrificing the health of your family and home? In professional pest control, companies like HiCare has its presence all over India, dealing with multiple pest issues like ants, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, birds, and more. Keep reading for a list of reasons to choose HiCare over your own, domestic pest control techniques:  

  • Provides long-term relief against pests

If you have a pest infestation at home, DIY will provide you with short term solutions. Yayy, you save a little money. However, the pests will return in a few days or weeks. HiCare however, extinguishes the problem from its roots, so that it doesn’t arise again. Spraying chemicals, gels, etc in every nook and crevice ensures that no hiding place is missed. Even for bed bugs, HiCare technicians return after 15 days to kill the young ones, as the eggs can’t be destroyed.  

  • Stronger and more effective

If you are doing home remedies for pest control, you will be mostly using lighter ingredients. As for pest control brands, the gels and chemicals used are strong, which turn out to be more effective on pests. Rather than shooing the pest away, they are killed. At the same time, these strong chemicals are only harsh on the pests and not on your family members. HiCare uses Bayer chemicals that are Government approved. These are safe for your pets, children as well as senior citizens at home.  

  • Cleaner and Hygienic

HiCare employs India’s best technicians and these trained experts will treat your home in the best possible manner. Whether you buy pest control or a home hygiene package from us, the services will be done without any disruptions at home. Furniture will not be moved around, and your home will not be messed. Providing home hygiene solutions like air purifiers, bird netting and more, HiCare is India’s most reputed home hygiene brand as well.  

  • Professionals at work

Like we mentioned earlier, the HiCare engineers are some of the best in India and their work will be 100% more effective than your usual DIY methods. They know how to destroy an entire colony of cockroaches or get rid of those annoying bed bugs or even kill termites that have been eating into your wooden furniture.  

  • Saves time

With the hustle-bustle of today’s world, no one really has that extra time to sit down and devise plans to get rid of pests. Instead, you can just pick up the phone, dial 8828333888 and book a pest control service from HiCare. Families, especially in metro cities, don’t always have excess time and in such cases, you can fix up the best time with HiCare and the technicians will be at your doorstep whenever convenient, to get rid of your pest issues. Also, it saves you the hassle of manually searching for pest hotspots and pricing them out before killing them. We hope you’ve got the basic idea of why pest controllers are preferred over local DIY methods. It might save you some money initially, but when the problem starts recurring, you will regret not calling HiCare in the first place. Apart from a call to book services, HiCare also has an easy to navigate website where you can book services easily and even avail an extra 10% on all online payments. This helps in our promise of always providing reasonable rates for our services. Furthermore, we’ve launched the Alexa Skills segment, where you can speak to your virtual assistant and get a service booked from the confines of your bedroom as well. Just try saying, “Alexa, Open HiCare” and you’re just a few seconds away from booking service and improving the health of your homes!

Reasons to choose professional pest control over traditional DIY methods

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