Protect your Home and Garden from Birds

how to protect my home and garden

Bird netting may not appear important because we all enjoy watching birds chirping early in the morning. However, they don’t look that beautiful while ruining your garden flowers. Fighting birds’ corrosive droppings, their tendency to destroy harvests, or preventing territorial nesting behavior can be exhausting and frustrating.

The good news is that there is a lot you could do to prevent birds. Birds can cause serious illness if they aren’t controlled. 

There are several methods for keeping birds out of the garden, and some of them are harsh. Many of us value approaches that are as compassionate and natural as possible. Birds are an important element of the ecology, and we must provide them with adequate habitat. It just does not have to be in our balconies or homes.

Here are some techniques for keeping birds off your property.

  1. Place upturned boxes or disposable cups (with the bottoms cut out) over fragile seedlings to keep nibblers away. A seedbed can also be covered with chicken wire. (As seedlings develop, use boards or bricks to lift them slightly.
  2. If you want to keep birds from depositing a single quill on your land, put something that will frighten them away. A flying kite is the greatest approach to keep birds away in this regard. Birds would not dare to fly anywhere near it with such a massive and unusual flying monster standing watch.
  3. If birds believe there is a killer around, they are unlikely to stay for long, thus putting dummy replicas of these dangerous creatures can help keep birds away.
  4. Bird netting installation is a proven control method to keep the birds out of certain troublesome areas. Specifically, balconies and windows. Birds can be a big nuisance, especially if they decide to feed, roost and nest on your property. When these birds find a home in your home, you have to deal with toxic bird droppings, blocked AC vents, jammed drains, dispersed materials and so much more. However, this all can be terminated with an effective anti bird netting

Bird netting is the best bird removal solution as it lasts around 10 years with typical use, and occasionally longer, depending on the type of netting. Once you install this bird repellent on your property, it should last for many years with no maintenance. UV rays, rain, wind, hail, and snow are all resistant to bird netting. It is a long-term solution that safeguards your property and the birds themselves.

The risks associated with birds

Pest bird faeces is acidic and can damage metals and machinery, and it can contain any of 60 known transmissible illnesses. Birds can constitute a major health danger in locations where children play or food preparation takes place.

When birds nest, they bring in rubbish external sources. Allowing these birds into your home is a danger you cannot afford. 

Professional solution to keep birds away

The simplest way to get rid of the unneeded mess is to completely prohibit them from entering the area. Poisoning and trapping are not recommended since they are useless in the long term and are harsh to the animals that are only looking for food and shelter.

As long as the area appears appealing, more birds will arrive to wreck havoc on the property and your well-being. The goal of bird proof netting the space should be to make it unwelcoming and undesirable to birds by using various deterrents such as physical items and unusual sounds. Disturbing the birds is the most effective approach to keep them away indefinitely.

Coming to the rescue of bird menace, Introducing HiCare’s Bird netting treatment. Developed over the years in a way that doesn’t harm the birds and at the same time, doesn’t take away your view. We offer pigeon netting as well as sparrow netting. Our company with its reigning legacy of 3 decades has been eco-conscious and creative with providing nothing but the most advanced bird control treatments over the years. This time we are here with yet another universal bird control solution. 

Advantages of our service

  1. Our nets are High-Density Polyethylene, UV resistant, and highly durable GARWARE nets.
  2. We provide 3 years of warranty with no charges in case of complaints.
  3. Our nets are almost invisible with availability in two colors, white and black. 
  4. Made with stainless steel and robust wired metal framework for utmost durability. 
  5. The nets do not possess any harmful chemicals and repellents or any sharp edges that can cause injuries. 

We are sure that our exceptional customer service and delivery will leave you spellbound. 

With 29 years of legacy, we have served over 30 lakh+ homes and 300 corporations to ensure that nothing but the best is delivered to you. Switch to HiCare’s India’s best pest control, home cleaning and bird netting service.

Protect your Home and Garden from Birds

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