Protect your Home and Garden from Birds

Indian homes are a major victim of unwanted guests in the form of pest birds like pigeon and crows. Although from a distance birds look serene and glorious, these invasive creatures can be pretty disgusting up-close.

These finely feathered troublemakers will destroy anything that comes in their path to find a peaceful haven. For nesting purposes, these urban pests are always on the lookout for a safe and a secure area and the plants in the balcony make for a perfect setting to perch.

  • Pigeons are a host to a variety of bacteria and flea whose intrusion can bring in a lot of disease like salmonella, tuberculosis etc.
  • Pigeon droppings are acidic in nature and eat into any type of surfaces like plastic, metal and even tile flooring.
  • The birds are known to destroy the garden with the feathers they discharge.
  • The prolonged cooing sound they and their offspring make could be frustrating especially in the night.

The best remedy to clear the unnecessary mess is to totally prevent them from accessing the place. Options for poisoning and trapping are not suggested as they are ineffective in the long run and it is also cruel to the animals who are just seeking food and shelter for their sustenance.

As long as the place looks attractive, new birds will always be there to cause chaos and destruction of the property and your wellbeing. You are the focus while bird proofing the area should be to make the place unwelcoming and unattractive for them through various deterrents like physical objects and strange sounds. Discouraging the birds is the best way of getting rid of them perpetually.

Few easy tricks are hanging CDs, wind-chimes or any small pieces of reflective glass or metal in your garden area whose reflection could frighten away the birds. A cardboard cutout of a predator bird like a hawk or an owl hanging loosely from the wall will also do the trick.

Its ability to move with the wind will scare away the pigeons trying to break into your garden. Along your balcony railing mount a slope to avoid them a comfortable landing zone. The pigeons are frequently on the lookout for water so if you have any water source in the garden, totally block them in order to avoid the birds.

If you have a huge garden inspect the area in and out every once in a while to totally prohibit them from making nests and further damages. Approach a professional bird control management to take care of the situation because you as an amateur don't want to be dealing with the birds all by yourself.

Hicare, the best in the bird control management across India will make sure all your bird related worries are answered. Our engineers will provide you with a customized option to safeguard your home and garden to prevent the birds while not compromising on the aesthetics of your property.

We at Hicare only deploy harmless and environmentally safe bird control solutions while putting together a lasting solution. Call Hicare on 080-46809272 or check our service to know in detail.