Pet Friendly Pest Control- Importance And Safety

People often treat their pets with so much love and care that they are considered family members. Their health and welfare are uppermost in people's minds while doing pest control. Here are 10 common mistakes you should avoid if you want to protect your pets or use pet friendly pest control products that's safe for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens too.

  • If mosquitoes trouble your pets, do not spray human pest repellent on them as it contains DEET, harmful to pets.

  • Citronella causes respiratory or irritation problems to pets.

  • Vaccinations and medications to combat fleas and ticks are the best way. So do not leave them unguarded.

  • Don't over or under-treat your pet. Rather follow the vet's advice.

  • Don't give pets human medicine without the vet's approval in advance.

  • Indoors is not safe: fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes travel and therefore are difficult to get rid of.

  • Don't do spot treatment on your pet and forget to treat its favorite hangout spot.

  • Clear essential oils (alternative therapies) with the vet.

  • Just because you don't see a problem, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Viruses are transferred from dog to dog and causes serious diseases. Keep pet vaccinations up-to-date and keep a vigilant eye on your pet.

  • Don't let a pest infestation become intolerable and sever before you act. Don't use cat products on dogs and vice-versa.

Can I be sure of pet friendly pest control?

If you are looking out for a pet friendly or pet safe ant-killer, you need to look for a professional pet-friendly pest control service. Whether you are looking for a pet-safe roach killer, a pet-safe bug spray, pet friendly pesticides or pet friendly pest control products, it is safest to go for a reputed, reliable pest-control company that will ensure pet friendly pest control. You need to find out exactly how safe the methods and chemicals used are. Where your precious loveable little pets are concerned, it is best not to trust DIY, for the reasons listed above. You do not want to subject your furry or feathered friends to discomfort, agony or more because you were not careful!

Local pest controllers often use dangerous levels o toxic chemicals that can be sniffed or ingested by your pets with fatal consequences. A reliable pet-friendly, a company like HiCare will only use safe, approved chemicals in just the right doses. In addition with good and effective machinery and technology. So that your pets and children are safe, healthy and happy and mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbug, and termites are safely eliminated. It is essential to look for a pet friendly pest control company for your peace of mind and pet-safe pest control success.

Would my pets and I have to be out of the house for hours?

No, not if you are using a pet-friendly pest control company. If you are using a local pest-controller, nobody guarantees safety or proper results. We recommend HiCare Pesticides. It is safe and designed to be applied at low concentrations. It is effective for killing a variety of insects/pests but posing no danger to your pets or kids. If you have fish, birds or reptiles, you must cover up the tanks or cages. Usually, air-borne droplets do not cause breathing problems as they dispose of quickly.

Treated surfaces dry quickly so you just need to keep your pets away from these for a couple of hours. Even cats don't usually eat dead mice and professional companies use minimum bait that gets metabolized. Remember that a pet-friendly, pet-safe company like HiCare trains its technicians thoroughly. They will advise you exactly what to do (and what steps they will take) before starting treatment. Go for professional pet-friendly solutions and you will stay safe!

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