Pet Friendly Pest Control- Importance And Safety

Controlling pests while ensuring the safety of your pets could be tricky. Thus, avoid these 10 mistakes before opting for any pet-friendly pest control service.

Pets are often treated with a lot of affection and care that they are counted as family members. While opting for a pest control service, the health and wellbeing of the pet are foremost in their minds. With that being said, if you want to safeguard your pets or use pet-friendly pest control treatments that are safe for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens, here are 10 typical mistakes to avoid.

  1. Don’t use human pest repellents on your pet
  2. Our pets’ bodies react differently to the substances we use on ourselves. You should never use human-only sprays on your dogs or cats or any other pet. Human sprays contain hazardous chemicals that might poison your pet or damage its nervous system.

  3. Schedule regular check-ups
  4. Our pets, like us, need to see their veterinarians on a regular basis for treatment when they are sick. Regular inspections can help detect problems before they become more serious, and regular grooming and immunizations can help prevent common pet diseases caused by pests.

  5. Follow Medication Instructions
  6. If your veterinarian prescribes medication, make sure you follow it exactly as directed. A dosage that is too low may be ineffective, while a dosage that is too high may cause further problems for your pet. Have faith in your veterinarian.

  7. Use Only Animal Medicines
  8. What is effective for you may not be effective for your pet. Because our organs differ from those of pets, avoid giving your pet human medicines unless a veterinarian advises it.

  9. It isn’t always safe to stay indoors
  10. We believe that keeping our pets indoors reduces their chances of becoming infected. Pests like heartworm can be found indoors and are equally as dangerous as those found outside. Therefore, indoor and outdoor pet safety is always a priority.

  11. Clear out your pet’s favourite hangout spot
  12. Our pets all have a favourite spot in the house. This same location is also prone to pest infestations. Clean this space on a regular basis and give your pet a new play area every few days.

  13. Consult your veterinarian about holistic products
  14. Natural remedies are always wonderful and the most effective choice. However, before giving your pet anything natural, consult your veterinarian to ensure that your pet will not have any negative responses.

  15. Keep an eye on your pet
  16. Keep a watch on your dogs when they receive a vaccination or begin taking their medications to observe how they react. If you detect no improvement in their behaviour, you should consult with the veterinarian again.

  17. Consider everything to be time-sensitive.
  18. Every second counts when it comes to your pet’s health. Some bugs can be a nuisance for your pet, and waiting for the season to change to get rid of them prolongs their suffering. If you see a problem, attempt to resolve it as soon as possible.

  19. Different medicines have different results
  20. Human drugs aren’t always effective on cats and dogs, and cat treatments aren’t always effective on dogs. Even if your cat and dog have the same bug problem, make sure they get the proper treatment from your veterinarian.

Is pet-friendly pest control guaranteed?

You should seek out a professional pet-friendly pest control provider if you are looking for pet-friendly pest control. Whether you’re looking for a pet-friendly cockroach pest control, a pet-friendly insect spray, pet-friendly pesticides, or pet-friendly pest control solutions, it’s best to work with a reputable, dependable pest management business.

You must check the safety of the methods and chemicals used. For the reasons stated above, it is advisable not to trust DIY when it comes to your darling loveable tiny creatures. You don’t want to put your furry or feathered pals through pain, agony, or anything else because you were careless!

Local pest controllers frequently utilise high doses of poisonous chemicals that can be fatal if sniffed or consumed by your pets. HiCare, a responsible pet-friendly hygiene company, will only use safe, certified chemicals in precisely the proper dosages. In addition to high-quality machines and technologies.

So that your pets and children are safe, healthy, and happy, while mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, and termites are no longer a problem. For your peace of mind and pet-safe pest treatment success, look for a pet-friendly pest control business.

Would I and my pets have to leave the house for service hours?

No, if you hire a pet-friendly pest treatment service. Nobody can ensure safety or adequate outcomes if you hire a local pest control company. HiCare products are highly recommended. They are non-toxic and intended for use in low quantities.

It kills a wide range of insects and pests while posing no risk to your pets or children. If you have fish, birds, or reptiles, the tanks or cages must be covered. Airborne droplets usually do not cause respiratory issues since they disperse fast.

Because treated surfaces dry rapidly, you only need to keep your pets away for a few hours. Even cats rarely eat dead mice, and expert companies utilise the smallest amount of bait that is metabolised. Keep in mind that a pet-friendly, pet-safe organisation like HiCare properly trains its experts. Before beginning the pest control service, they will tell you exactly what to do (and what measures they will take). You will be safe if you choose expert pet-friendly solutions.

From termites and wood borers to cockroaches and other pests, HiCare is India’s most trusted pest control service provider for residential and commercial. It is India’s only HACCP-certified pest management company, with integrated pest control policies. HiCare values life and nature and provides wellness for the entire family, including pets.

Pet Friendly Pest Control- Importance And Safety

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