Pest Control should be Mandatory for Restaurants- Our Expert Advice

pest control should be mandatory for restaurants - our expert advice

Pest control in restaurants and Cleanliness form the basis of their standards. A restaurant infested with pests impacts the regulations imposed by the health department and their licence can get cancelled. They also dispel the precious trust of their customers causing them to lose faith. It can majorly affect the business of your establishment and the reputation you have created for years.

The pests like rodents and termites contaminate food as much as they damage the interiors, electrical wiring and furniture. A fault in the electrical wiring can lead to the spread of fire in the entire restaurant and possibly harm your customers. The eatery as well as the pantry always attracts pests. Because they provide perfect conditions for their survival and reproduction. 

In this world, Social Media and online reviews assess Restaurants and Cafes. A sighting of a single pest can lead to your most loyal patron criticising your food business all over the Internet. No matter how much effort is laid on the taste or the flavour of the food, the interior decor and the marketing. If there is no proper sanitation and hygiene, your customers will think twice before entering the restaurant and trying your meal.

Hygiene plays a vital role in the reputation of the restaurant. Hence restaurant pest control procedures in the food industry must be taken seriously and have to be up to the mark. As a Restaurant owner or even a manager, it is very important to get your restaurant investigated for any pests. And if detected, it is important to get rid of them immediately. Or else, in the long run, it can affect the image of your restaurant negatively. 

The common food pests in restaurants are rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites as well as ants. These pests can contaminate the food. Also if the restaurant is surrounded by their droppings, urine, hair and their dead bodies, it can hamper the ambience and environment. Rodents are infamously known for their chewy nature. They can bite their way through wires, cardboard, paper as well as plastic for their access to food. They can severely damage the infrastructure and more importantly the food itself. 

Cockroaches are hugely responsible for spreading disease-causing bacteria which lead to Salmonella, and E. Coli among others. They feed on the dirt around them and infect the raw food or even the prepared dishes around in the restaurant. They have a usual tendency to hide in the broad daylight. And only appear in the dark attacking food without anyone’s notice. If that food is consumed by someone, the person can fall severely ill.

Termites are most likely to strike the wooden furniture in the restaurant as well as cabinets, and decks in the kitchen. You might have to spend money again and again to buy new furniture and that will empty your pockets. Also, a single sighting of any of these pests and the reputation of your restaurant could be at stake. Not to forget, if the health department interferes in this matter it could possibly lead to your restaurant shutting down forever. 

It is important to understand that pests mostly go unnoticed. You might assume your restaurant is pest free since you haven’t noticed one. However, the reality can be different. Because these pests and insects are small creatures that might go unnoticed between the rush in your restaurant. Hence it is necessary to call hygiene experts and do a thorough inspection of your restaurant province. If not done one time, they may create havoc in your hotel by contaminating the food items or by landing directly on the customer’s plate.

Reasons Why Commercial Pest Control for Restaurants is Mandatory

These are all the reasons why commercial pest control for restaurants is mandatory. The application of pest control in the food industry can be tailored to prevent or eradicate a specific pest. As well as it advises the staff on how to maintain cleanliness within the restaurant and kitchen. It spreads awareness about the importance of pest control in restaurant business. Commercial Pest Control service professionals are always made aware of the regulations required by the government to maintain a pest-free restaurant. 

About HiCare

HiCare is the finest industrial pest control company in India and we provide pest control for restaurants. We are the No.1 brand providing hygiene solutions. We have a team of over 500 verified experts dealing with all types of pests found in a restaurant. The trained personnel from HiCare are qualified to handle the chemicals that are used in the restaurants to keep the pests at bay considering the presence of food in the surrounding area.

HiCare has India’s 1st and only comprehensive 4D treatment that guarantees results. We offer the best pest control in India. Our services are designed scientifically. The chemicals we use are 100% safe for your family. We make minimal use of synthetic chemicals. Our treatments are highly efficient and long-lasting. We have served over 1 million clients and are available in more than 30 cities. Our team members strictly follow a 3-line of defence to protect you and your family from Covid-19. 


So if you spot or are doubtful about any pest activity in your restaurant or your eatery joint, call us today on 8828333888 for an inspection. We will thoroughly inspect your area and give you details about the hidden pests and the plan of action you can follow with our help. If you are sure about getting pest control, you can book our services through our website HiCare.

Pest Control should be Mandatory for Restaurants- Our Expert Advice

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