Pigeon Prevention And Deterrent Tips

pigeon prevention and deterrent tips

Pigeons have been addressed as “rats of the sky” by some and there is no doubt. Pigeons are cute but disease-carrying birds that can seriously harm your house or place of business.

You’re probably at your wit’s end if you have a pigeon issue. Fortunately, HiCare’s team is available to assist you. At HiCare,  we specialise in offering bird netting services for commercial and residential customers in 30+ Indian cities.

We know how to get rid of pigeons fast and humanely. This is because we have assisted hundreds of property owners in solving bird problems. Our best advice to keep them at bay and when to hire a pro is provided in this comprehensive write-up.

4 Best Tips to Prevent Pigeons

1. Clean Outside of House and Lock Trash Cans

Examining the exterior of the house to make sure there are no readily available food sources is the first step in successful pigeon removal. To prevent pigeons from feeding on your leftover food scraps you must secure garbage cans by using recycling bins or compost bins. Pigeons might be deterred from returning by taking away any platters, plates, or serving utensils left over from grilling or outdoor dining.

Make sure all other family members are aware of the need of maintaining outside spaces clear of food and food containers once these common sources of food for birds have been eliminated. By doing this, pigeons won’t see your house as a potential source of food.

2. Stop Pigeons from Building Nests

Pigeons can build nests anywhere over your house, including rafters, roofs, balconies, garages, outdoor storage sheds, attics, and ledges. You can put bird spikes along the surface or edges where they are likely to land. This way you can deter the birds from creating a home over there.

These thick and long spikes are more effective when placed closely together. Pigeons can still build nests between the prongs if they are spaced too widely apart. These spikes may appear deadly, but they are relatively dull and flexible, and their intended purpose is to make a bird uncomfortable on a surface not to harm them by any means.

3. Residential Entrances should be Sealed

As they are intelligent creatures, pigeons may search for entries into your cosy and safe home when they need to seek shelter from potential predators or bad weather. To prevent pigeons from entering your home, you must block any openings that might seem alluring to them. Inspect your balcony, windows, and main door to find any potential entry points for the small birds.

Hardware cloth or pigeon netting for balconies can block larger entries, while silicone caulk is an easy way to seal minor holes. If any major repairs are required, now could be a good time to contact a roofing contractor. In addition to keeping out pigeons, a solid roof will protect your house from other creatures during bad weather.

4. Seek Professional Help

Even after practicing the above-listed preventive measures if pigeons or any other type of flying creatures often gatecrash your home, it is time to call the professionals. Call a responsible company like HiCare for the best-in-class anti-bird netting service.

With the legacy of almost three decades of providing home cleaning services and hygiene solutions in India, HiCare has designed a bird control service, which is humane as well as effective. You may not know, but if you do not create a barrier for birds, they can cause the following problems:

  • Health diseases
  • Food contamination
  • Corrosive damage to buildings
  • Blocked gutters and drainage
  • Fire risk

About HiCare

Therefore, without any doubt, book our services to mark your windows/balconies safe from bird attacks. Some of the key features of HiCare’s Anti Bird Netting Service are as follows:

  • UV resistant
  • GARWARE nets
  • 3 years warranty
  • Aesthetic netting
  • No harmful chemical repellents
  • Non-rusting stainless steel
  • Complaint visits at no cost
  • Sparrow netting and pigeon netting

Although pigeons might be a troublesome pest, you don’t have to deal with them forever. Visit our official website to book our service online. You can also call our executive for residential pest control services at 8828333888 to get more details about the service.

Pigeon Prevention And Deterrent Tips

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