Personal hygiene at home to fight back Coronavirus

Personal hygiene: Check out some of the personal hygiene tips to be followed at home to prevent you and your family from Coronavirus. Stay healthy always!

It’s no less than World War III happening out there, with countries across the world doing all they can to make sure they can curb the spread of coronavirus. Most governments are promoting personal hygiene and coronavirus hygiene tips. However, it’s also up to us to make sure we all can do our bit to ensure we’re safe and that the disease doesn’t keep spreading. Businesses and public transportation companies are doing their bit too. Bleaches and sanitizers are being installed at all public places possible, to make sure viruses can be killed before they spread. Trains, buses, metros, cabs, hotels and other public places can get you the coronavirus quicker than you can imagine. Hence, personal hygiene for coronavirus prevention is also key!

Personal hygiene at home for coronavirus prevention

1) Rinse, wash, clean

We can’t stress enough on the importance of personal hygiene in fighting against COVID-19. Personal hygiene helps against all major diseases but in times like this, it becomes even more crucial. Washing should always be thorough, especially when you get back home from outside. The traditional soap and water wash is the best. But when on the move, remember to carry a sanitizer, which has at least 60% alcohol content for best results.

2) Don’t touch your face

When you roam out and about, the virus can spread from person to person through droplets in the air. We get a lot of these droplets on our hands, because they come in contact with the greatest number of things and people in a day. Touching our face regularly only helps transfer any viruses around. That’s where disinfectant wipes and sanitizers come very handy.

3) Cough into tissues

If you have a cough or are sneezing, don’t sneeze into your hands. Once again, this is among the fastest ways for the virus to spread. Instead, cough into a tissue or cloth. However, remember to dispose the tissue once done, rather than waiting for it to be picked up by someone else or cleaners.

4) Don’t share meals

Group meals is another way that the coronavirus can spread quickly. As far as possible, avoid sharing food as there could be plenty of transfer of viruses in such cases. Instead, you can try using serving spoons especially in cases where there isn’t an option of not sharing food.

Coronavirus hygiene tips for home

1) Stock up on supplies

Get ready for the day you might have to socially distance yourself from everyone else. When you require medicines and groceries, the last place you want to be at is a crowded market or grocery store. The risk is minimized if you aren’t in places where there is a crowd. Stocking up on food, disinfectants and medicines is a practice you should begin soon. Masks and gloves are other items you can stock up on.

2) Use your home as a work place

This is probably the best time ever to exercise your ability to work from home, because of the high risk of contracting coronavirus at work or on the way to work. Public transport is a high risk while offices could also be of high risk. Working from home will avoid these risks as well.

3) Get a deep cleaning done

Apart from individual and personal hygiene, getting your house as clean as possible is extremely important. If you have troubles doing this yourself, we will offer you the highest quality home cleaning and deep cleaning services which will leave your house as good as new with cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, dusting, cobweb removal, disinfecting and much more.

Personal hygiene at home to fight back Coronavirus

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