Professional Car Pest Control keeps Cockroaches & Bed Bugs Out

If you thought to do pest control at home is enough to think again. Pests not only try to enter our homes for food and shelter but also extend their presence into our cars and garages too.

Rats and cockroaches hibernate in warm dingy spaces in our parking lots and garages. The problem becomes more worst when these annoying critters find your car as the warm harborage. Hence it is essential to protect cars.

If you are in the habit of eating in your car then you cannot escape food crumbs getting lodged in nooks and corners. Food is the main source to attract pests and create a nest in your car, no matter where you park your car roaches will slowly infest your new or pre-owned car.

Used cars and vehicles parked next to your car are also sources of invitation for mice and rats. And without you knowing your car can be infested with over 30 different types of bacteria transmitted by cockroaches alone, causing various health issues.

Your hitch hiking colleagues traveling with you might infest your car with pests too. Bed bugs love traveling and can easily enter your car from their clothes and even laptops and hitchhike into your home.

Doing-It-Yourself pest control for a car is never preventive and can be harmful and can't protect cars as you end up breathing the chemicals sprayed or placed in the car each time you turn on the AC.

The smarter way to deal with these pesky critters is to opt for HiCare Cockroach Control or Cockroach Management INTELLIGENT Service Plus HiCare Premium Car Deep Clean service. And don't forget to get a regular Bed Bugs Control Inspection done for your home.

We also Offer Cockroach treatment for your Car be it be a brand new car or a second-hand car. Our trained technician inspects the car and a new age gel is applied inside and outside the car to prevent and kill cockroaches.

Tips to keep the rats, bed bugs, and cockroaches away from your car :

Get a professional car wash and pest control at regular intervals to keep the pests at rest.

Make sure to vacuum your car on a daily basis when used regularly to eradicate the tiny critters.

Before parking your car, always clean the food leftover or crumbs fallen in your car.

Avoid storing cloth or clothes in your car as bed bugs latch onto them.

Repair the small cracks near your windshield or on your car to seal the gaps or crevices.

Did you know?

Cardboard cartons and boxes stored in cars are great hiding places for roaches.

Roaches love paper so avoid stacking magazines and newspapers in your car.

Driving in a rented card then beware. You have a higher chance of finding bed bugs and cockroaches in rented cars.

Rats and mice don't just attack new cars but used cars and vehicles too.

Cockroaches can cause an infestation in the car vent too.