Monsoon Disease Alert – Common Symptoms of Dengue To Look Out For

Dengue fever is an infection with flu-like symptoms transmitted by mosquitoes. Find about the dengue symptoms, causes and tips for preventing dengue fever.

Dengue Symptoms

As the initial Dengue Symptoms (dengue bukhar) are mild, doctors and hospitals often treat the symptoms with medicines like paracetamol. By the time the dengue symptoms get severe, children, elderly and people with pre-existing ailments like asthma, heart problems, high blood pressure or diabetes are at very grave risk of death. Unfortunately, this is when tests are done. By which time complications may have arisen and the mortality rate rises rapidly. Below are some alarming facts The World Health Organization has estimated around 50 million to 100 million infections a year, out of which over 18,700 dengue cases reported in India of all the state and union territories, Kerala with 9,104 has the maximum numbers of cases reported. Tamil Nadu with 4,174, followed, by till 2 July 2017. According to the figures provided by the ministry, Karnataka has reported 1,945 cases. Gujarat has 616, Andhra Pradesh 606 and West Bengal 469, among other states, till 2 July 2017. In 2016 alone, India reported close to 1.30 lakh cases and 245 Dengue-related deaths. This is the report according to the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP).

Symptoms of Dengue

Many people, especially children, and teenagers may experience no signs or Dengue Symptoms during a mild case of dengue fever. Even when the symptoms do occur, they usually begin 4 to 10 days after you are bitten by a Dengue mosquito (dengue Machar). Dengue symptoms (dengue ke lakshan) are often mistaken for influenza or mild flu. Hence one must carefully note the clear signs of mild dengue fever, which commonly include:  

  • One of the initial dengue Symptom is fever, and it can go as high as 106 F (41 C)
  • Another dengue symptom is severe headaches
  • Muscle pain and joint pain, as well as pain behind the eyes, gets ignored as dengue symptoms.
  • Getting nauseous and experiencing fatigue is also quite common.
  • Dengue rash is also very frequent in case of a dengue casualty.

In some extreme cases of dengue, symptoms worsen and can be life-threatening. Blood vessels become damaged and leaky while in some rare cases it has been observed that the number of platelets (clot-forming cells) in your bloodstream drop. This can cause:

  • Severe Bleeding from your nose and mouth
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Bleeding under the skin, which might look like bruising
  • All these types of problems can cause severe impairment of liver, heart or other organs leading to death

Some patients go into trauma with changes in the mental state due to dengue.

Is Dengue deadly

Each year, half a million patients are hospitalized, but most people recover after five to seven days. Some develop dengue hemorrhagic fever after the initial fever declines a more severe form of the illness that can cause organ damage, severe bleeding, dehydration and even death. But with early detection of dengue symptoms and proper treatment, the mortality rate for all dengue fever is currently less than 1 of 100 people. If the patients develop severe dengue, there will be bleeding spots on the skin and other parts of the body and leakage of blood plasma. Severe dengue fever can damage the lungs, liver or heart. Blood pressure can drop to dangerous levels, causing shock and in some cases death.

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Monsoon Disease Alert – Common Symptoms of Dengue To Look Out For

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