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Get Expert Tips On Rodent and Roach Control!

When you think of pests, the first few names that pop in your head are roaches, rodents and termites. It is said that cockroaches are about a 350 million years old species. That says a lot about how difficult roach control or setting effective roach traps can be. However this doesn’t mean that rodent control is any easy!. Hence expert tips for rodent and roach control are a must.

Roaches, Rodents and Diseases:

So we will first look at why is it so important to have a good roach control or rodent control plan in place. To being with, roaches and rodents are carriers of diseases like plague, diarrhoea and even asthma. That must be shocking! Well, when cockroaches shed their skin, its particles dissolve in air. These are part of the allergens that trigger asthma. So now you know the importance of having good roach traps in place especially you have children, elderly or sick people at home.

Methods Of Rodent And Roach Control:

Firstly, cleanliness is of utmost importance and is the basic requirement for effective rodent and cockroach control . This would include taking care of food left overs and putting them a garbage bin that is properly sealed. Identify the areas where the roaches and rodents are entering from to set rodent and roach traps accordingly.
You can use various mice-traps like electronic trap, snap trap or even glue trap for rodent control. For roach control, you can opt for roach traps like door sweeps, sealing cracks in the floors and walls, regular dusting of places where you store paper items, etc.

Home-remedies & DIY methods are not enough:

However, there is only so much that you can do as an individual for roach control and rodent control in your home. You can’t just put out rodent and roach traps and hope that it will successfully take care of all the pest problems that you are dealing with. Here is a simple reason why – for each roach that is visible to you, there are probably 10 more hiding in the nest. These roaches can stay in the nest for days without food and water and they will sneak-out at night and then go back in – and you would never know.

Get Expert Tips for complete protection:

In such scenarios, it is always better to take professional experts tips. These days, you can get them home with a click of a button or a phone call. Some of these pest control experts like Hicare also offer expert tips or free home inspection to identify the extent of roach control or rodent control that needs to be exercised in your home and then accordingly offer a tailor-made solution. They won’t just throw roach traps randomly to deal with the pest problems.

So save yourself the trouble and just let the experts do their jobs – that’s the best roach control and rodent control technique!

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