Is Your Home all Set for Winter

Is Your Home all Set for Winter?

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The Winter season is undeniably everyone’s favorite part of the year. Most of us are looking forward to being wrapped up in our favorite sweater drinking tea, relaxing while others are preparing for their long-awaited trip. But as you look ahead to the excitement, the holiday season brings, the cold and dry season can have a huge impact on your homes. The Diwali and Christmas among other festivals also mean hosting a lot of friends and family at home, hence it becomes absolutely necessary to make sure your house is sparkling clean and spotless. Sometimes in this part of the year, especially in suburbs, the weather might become a little more unpredictable than normal and therefore your home will require a bit more attention. You want to make sure your home is as clean and welcoming as possible, and to make a good impression on some of those relatives, a quick home cleaning services goes an extra mile!


The Monsoons can have a huge effect on your home due to the moisture content in the air and the dust and it is only wise to make sure you start thinking about your holiday cleaning plan as early as possible. Curtains and mattresses as well as carpets undergo a lot of wear and tear by the mud and dust that gets deposited. The same goes for the Sofa and other furniture which are a refuge for all type of bacteria. When it gets very cold, most of the doors and windows are shut trapping and developing unhealthy air inside. This leads to the excess amount of dust and allergens and a professional deep home cleaning service will make sure that it is contained to the best possible limit. Investing in a good air purifier will also help in increasing the poor air quality inside leading to a healthier lifestyle.


The Kitchen sees a lot of traffic during the season, be it for the preparation of your favorite sweets for Diwali or while baking a cake for Christmas. Most of these festivals involve plenty of food and a dirty kitchen infested with cockroaches can easily kill the merry vibes. The refrigerator and other appliances can’t be ignored as well as they play a vital role in the preparation of sweets. Tough stains in the interior of these appliances can make it look disgraceful to the guests, not to mention crumbs and other bits of food that fall to the bottom of the refrigerator as you put items in and take them out.


Winter also sees an increase in a number of pests in the homes as it gets very harsh for them outside and to find a peaceful solace they might enter your house in one way or another. The pests during winter are always on the lookout for warmth and food and hence kitchen becomes the safe target for them. The stains, spills, crumbs in your kitchen and other appliances only increase the possibility of the infestation of pests like cockroach and rats. So if you are planning to get pest control done now is the perfect time to go ahead with it. This way you can live comfortably all winter or travel without any stress of unexpected pest invasion.


The preparations for the holiday season could well be hectic and overwhelming especially in the fast-paced world we live in considering the long hours we put in at work while attending to our family chores and not to forget the amount of time that goes into engaging with our guests during the festivals. It is only wise to invest in professional home cleaning services that can help us with cleaning our house making it spic and span.


Let our trusted professionals come and make your home spotless. We will make sure that our trained technician will only use specialized government approved cleaning products. We will make sure that the access to instant booking with upfront pricing, availability, and experienced professionals will keep you at ease this holiday season. The Festive season is a busy time for the cleaning industry as well and hence make sure you schedule your professional cleaning well in advance. If you want to give your home a holiday Vibe, Hicare’s Cleaning Service is always happy to help.

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