Immediate Steps To Follow If You Detect Termites In Furniture, Doors, And Walls

immediate steps to follow if you detect termites in future doors and walls

Termite or Dimak, as we call it in Hindi, is a common problem experienced by several people across the globe in their homes. When we consider pest control, the idea we usually have in our minds is to remove cockroaches, bugs, rodents, and other insects from our homes. Most of the time we forget that we need to check for the presence of termites too, especially in our wooden furniture.

What is a termite? A termite is a tiny insect that loves to feed on wood or any source of cellulose. It prefers humid environments to thrive. An astonishing fact about termites is that the queen termite is capable of laying up to 40,000 eggs every single day. If left unchecked, termites can pose a serious threat to your property, making it hollow within.

So, what to do if you detect termites in your home doors, furniture, and walls? This post aims at acquainting you with the immediate steps to take after detecting signs of termites at home. 

5 Signs of Termites in Walls

Before we proceed with what to do if you detect termites at home, we want you to learn how to detect the presence of termites in walls. These signs will help you detect whether your walls are infested by termites or not:

  1. Strange cracks in the walls
  2. Small pin-like holes in the walls
  3. Tube-like marks on the walls
  4. Chapping of wall paints 
  5. Hollow sound from the walls when you tap with a hand

Signs of Termites in Furniture

At home, we have some wooden furniture like sofas, tables, chairs, beds, and dressing tables. But do you know that termites love to reside inside wooden furniture? The following signs will help detect termites in furniture:

  1. Hollow sounds from furniture on tapping
  2. Cracks and holes in furniture
  3. Wooden dust under your furniture
  4. A foul smell coming from your furniture
  5. Chipping away of the wooden polish from your furniture

What to Do After Detecting Wood Termites

Do not underestimate the power of these silent killers called house termites. While termites do not pose any health hazard to human beings, these tiny pests can destroy the furniture, walls, and the entire beauty of your home. Following are the things to do after detecting termites or dimak at home:

  1. Do Not Panic

    The first thing you ought not do if you detect termites at home is to panic. Avoid spraying insect spray on a termite in haste, as this would make them run here and there in your entire house. 

  2. Do Not Touch Termite with Hand

    Do not ever touch termite with your hands. It would irritate these tiny insects and they would again scatter across your house. It would then be very difficult to control and remove them from home. 

  3. Vacuum the Termites and Throw Them Away

    The best thing to do when you detect termites at home is to vacuum them using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to throw the bag full of termites in a garbage bin outside your home at a far-off distance. 

  4. Hire Termite-Control Professionals

    What if the site of termites is unbearable for you and you don’t want to take a risk? The most ideal solution in such a situation is to call upon professionals from pest control companies like HiCare for anti-termite treatment.These professionals will detect every hook and corner of your house for termite infestation and then suggest you the best termite-removal remedy or treatment.

4 Benefits of Termite Treatment at Home

If you’re sure that your house walls or furniture is infested by termites, go for professional termite pest control at the earliest. Following are the top benefits of termite treatment:

  1. Complete Termite Removal

    The prime benefit of hiring professionals like HiCare for termite treatment at homeis complete termite removal from the home. These trained professionals will come equipped with the right tools and equipment to first test for termite presence and then remove them completely, leaving behind a termite-free home for you to live in. 

  2. Detects Other Hidden Pests

    A hidden benefit of an anti-termite treatment is that it helps detect other hidden pests in the nooks and corners of your home. Sometimes you feel that your house belongs just to you but during a termite treatment, you get to know that some unknown inhabitants are residing too in the form of pests like bugs, cockroaches, insects, and rodents. 

  3. Saves Furniture from Further Damage

    Hiring a professional termite-control company helps save your furniture and walls from further damage. Termites tend to grow rapidly amidst favorable conditions, so termite removal at the earliest stage helps prevent their spread in your furniture and other spaces of your home. 

  4. Offers Complete Peace of Mind

    Relying on a team of professionals from a termite pest-control service enables you to enjoy complete peace of mind. You know that these professionals will eradicate the menace of termites from your home once and for all. 


The tiny size of termites might be misleading for many. But as we said before, do not underestimate the power of these silent killers that are known for their swarming and rapid growth in wood. If you detect signs of termite at home, it is time to go for a pest control treatment from a renowned company such as HiCare, one of the leading digital hygiene companies in India. HiCare offers warranty-backed service and complete inspection to detect termites at home. They follow a three-tier process in their termite treatment, which includes drilling, filling, and sealing the holes after removing the termites. Remember that termites, if left to dwell in your home, would soon damage your entire furniture and property.

Immediate Steps To Follow If You Detect Termites In Furniture, Doors, And Walls

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